Top 5 Affordable and Lazy Halloween Costumes

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Costumes are supposed to be attuned to the theme of spookiness but today’s costumes are limitless. Several costumes today don’t need to be spooky or scary but something that is unique or mainstream. One could say that several Halloween costumes have adapted the theme of cos-playing or even just simple dress-ups. If one doesn’t have the money, the time, or the motivation to suit up in dashing costumes they can always find easy and affordable ways to get or make a costume in their own way.

1. The Common Work Outfit

You can always wear a common work outfit. This means you can easily pick up or wear these costumes at your convenience. These costumes can portray jobs like an engineer, cop, nurse, janitor, waiter, and a lot more. The good thing about this is that these kinds of costumes can be easily obtained at home. You can borrow these costumes easily from relatives or friends. You can also buy cheap knock offs in stores for an affordable price. Just make sure that when you do wear a work outfit that it’s not related to your work.

It would be redundant for an engineer to wear his hard hat and vests to the Halloween event. The bad thing would be that these costumes would be deemed as a lazy approach but then again they’re costumed nonetheless.

2. The Modern-Day Vampire

Vampires are traditionally perceived to be creatures with red eyes, fangs, wearing black garments, and being able to turn into bats. These are the classic features of the vampire including their all-time trait which is to suck the blood of the opposite gender. Today’s vampires are depicted somewhat differently to cater to the new generation. They don’t seem to be scary like the old days but they still have some of the classic traits like fear of the sunlight but gone are the fear of garlic and crosses. The modern-day vampire has a running joke of sparkling due to some influential movies.

The modern-day vampire costume would be as easy as brushing up your hair properly and powdering up your face until it turns white or as people would say sparkling. It’s a very easy step but you still need to put on some flashy clothes to support your facial features.

3. The Hunchback

It may seem to be a demanding costume but it’s really affordable to pull off. You simply need to find some tattered clothes like a shirt that is old and has several holes. This would also include what you’re wearing below with either tattered pants or shorts. Then wear some sandals, slippers, or tattered shoes to keep up with the theme. Then put something under your shirt behind your back to insinuate the theme of being a hunchback. It can be a pillow or a large piece of cloth when it’s folded up. Then proceed to fix your hair and face.

If your hair is a bit longer then shake it up turning it to a bed head. Then you can put several ink markings on your face like a grease monkey. Then finally to sell the costume, make sure to hunch your back when you move. It’s an affordable costume since a lot of the materials you can find at home but it does require some effort.

4. The Toilet Paper Mummy

This costume is one of the easiest costumes to pull off but it can be a bit awkward to make. The mummy is a great costume but instead of using cloths or fabric materials, you can always use the toilet paper. You may need numerous amounts of toiler papers but they are very affordable to buy.

You don’t need to worry about the quality as well or how many blends they have. You can choose to cover your entire body with the toilet paper or just cover specific areas with it. Just make sure you can move comfortably when you’re using this costume.

5. The White Blanket/Sheet Ghost

This is arguably the cheapest costume since it’s free provided you have a white sheet or blanket at home. This is also the most effortless costume since you just put it on top of your head covering your body from top to bottom.  

You can cut holes on the sheet so that you can peek with your eyes but if you can see clearly through the sheet then there would be no need to do so.

Regardless of what costume you might pick, what matters is the time and whatever effort you placed in choosing or making your costume. Remember Halloween only comes once a year so it’s best to join in on the festivities.

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