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Wearing designer clothes, accessories, shoes, or any kind of product is every person’s wish, especially women. One would want to feel an original creation of Donna Karan or Monique Lhuiller and walk everywhere so everyone can see the fabulous clothing you have. It would also be lovely if you can wear a pair of pumps by Stuart Weintzman or Christopher Michael Shellis. Carrying a bag having a Hermes label or Mouawad will absolutely turn all heads in your direction since these are always created with pure art and high-quality materials, not to mention the stones used as designs.

The most expensive dresses and shoes are often created by these designers for important people and celebrities who need to wear them in social events and galas. Of all the designer products created over the years, a lot of those made an impression and cost extremely high. Because of the details and the materials used as well, an ordinary person will not be able to afford any of these products. Here are the top 5 most expensive designer products ever made:

1. Princess Diana’s Wedding Gown (David Emmanuel)

The wedding happened in 1981, but it still holds the title of being the most expensive gown designed by David Emmanuel. The details of the Victorian style gown were precisely made to make a lasting impression that will go down in history but also something that the princess would love.

It is made of 250-yard tulle, lace, and ivory silk taffeta and sprinkled with ten thousand pearls and sequins. She walked down the aisle with her 25-foot train which made it undoubtedly dramatic. The fabric alone is said to have cost $43,000 but the entire town is said to be priceless.

2. Fantasy Bra by Mouawad

Another 2010 Guinness World of Record holder is created by the company managed by the fourth generation of Mouawad’s, Fred and Pascal Mouawad. They created very expensive lingerie for Victoria’s Secret.

It was worn by Heidi Klum in a fashion show in 2003. Estimated to worth $11million, it is ornamented with 70 karat Mouawad Excelsior diamonds intentionally created for this masterpiece.

3. White Gold Diamond Dress (Yumi Katsura)

This $8.5 million worth of bridal dress by Yumi Katsura is still waiting for someone to wear it. This was designed uniquely and is still yet to find a bride to walk down the aisle wearing this gown.

It has a thousand pearls scattered all over the dress and a 5 karat white gold diamond.

4. 1001 Nights Diamond Purse (Mouawad)

This handbag was designed and created by top multinational jewelry and timepiece company Mouawad. Its main headquarter is in Geneva, Switzerland, this company started in 1891 in Beirut, Lebanon by David Mouawad. They created the heart-shaped purse which is purely handcrafted from gold. The exact weight of the purse is 381.92 karats because of the 18k gold and the 4,356 colorless, 105 yellow, and 56 pink diamonds.

This is also acknowledged by the Guinness World of Record last 2010 as The Most Valuable Handbag in the World costing $3.8 million.

5. Ruby Slippers (Ronald Winston)

One wouldn’t expect that a slipper would cost $3,000,000, but this stunning pair designed by Ronald Winston in 1989 does. It was created for the 50th anniversary of the “Wizard of Oz” as a tribute.

What made it really exceptional are the 4,600 rubies and the 50 karats of diamonds artfully designed by master jewelry designer Javiar Barerra. It took him over two months before he finished placing all the stones on the shoes.

Sometimes the prices on these designer creations are hard to believe but looking at their products one cannot question the expertise they have in making such a defined product. Those products that are done in collaboration with other designers who are also experts in other fields are even more expensive. This becomes a creation of two masters which makes it even more exquisitely special.

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