Top 5 Must-Haves for a Frequent Traveler

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Frequent travelers or some preferred to be called backpackers know pack almost everything that they need with each of the items packed neatly in small packages.  This article will not discuss each item that a frequent traveler must stuff in the bag but the Top 5 essentials for traveling.  I put them in this article as most o the time, 1 or sometimes all of them are forgotten for some weird reasons.

1. Sleeping Sheet

I certainly agree that it is rarely possible to have nothing to sleep in when we travel. The question is, can we really sleep on it all the time?  Having experiences on checking in at different hotels in random places, be it 1 star up to a 5-star hotel, I can say that the bedding part of some of my travels is not always perfect. There will always be a colony of bed bugs to bother you in the middle of your sleep leaving you like a red fruit, which looks disgusting especially when you come back home. Not to mention the bed sheets not just in the hotels and hostels but everywhere, just think of any worst visible and invisible stains that can stick to your back body while you sleep. 

It does not need to be a comforter like thick or something with sheep fur on it. I suggest you choose a silk fabric as it comes very light and very small when folded. Stuff it on either the right or left side of your bag so you can immediately get it if necessary without the need to put out the rest of the contents of your bag.

2. Travel Journal

Yes, it is essential and it is much better to have real-life souvenirs gathered in it plus the photos.  Maybe it’s because I am not a photographer and that it is not my passion that is why I can say that exploring the place and looking for tangible souvenirs is much better than seeing the place through a camera.  It feels good to walk the native cities freely and have a complete view of what they have to offer.  You do not need to be a journalism graduate to write down your thoughts about your travel, places that you visited, and the most important, what you have learned from the people that you have met.  When you travel, you will automatically have a mindset for what seems like an unwinding period of your life. 

This is the best time for you to have a good record of your deep side during the journey.  Some examples of the souvenirs that you can paste in your journal are bus and train tickets, native candy wrapper, a leaf from a big old tree, just anything that you will not see in your everyday life in the city.  It feels good to flip through the pages of your travel journal as time goes by.

3. Sunscreen and Insect Repellent Lotion 

Traveling will not be complete if you do not get exposed to extreme sunlight.  It is given that you will spend most of your vacation days outside.  Tan lines which are sunburn in real life look good but they hurt like hell by the time that you get back home.  There is nothing better than enjoying the outdoor activities included in your travel package at most without worrying about getting skin diseases due to excessive sun exposure. Outdoor activities are not just or day time but also done at night. 

It means that you will be safe from the sun but not from the mosquitoes and any other weird-looking insects.  As mentioned, there should not be anything that will stop you from giving out your best when it comes to outdoor activities no matter what time of the day it is.

4. Smile

Traveling a lot gives us a bigger chance to meet and learn from different people from different cultures.  We might not have enough time to study their history and behavior so it will be a bit of a challenge to deal with them especially when we are stepping into their territory.  But giving out a simple and sincere smile is like telling them that we are there to learn and have fun with them and not to destroy anything precious to them.  A single smile flashed to the natives will serve as a signboard with the sentence saying that they can trust us and that they can also try new and fun things with us.  Establishing a good relationship with new people in our destination is the best part of traveling.  We can learn many things from them and their culture.  One of the great things that we can learn from them is the fact that they do enjoy the simple life and they never forget to preserve the culture and practices that they have got from their ancestors.  A smile is also like a discount card when shopping in the city market. 

Flash a big smile that comes from the heart and there is a big possibility that the vendors will give us mouth-watering delicacies or extra cute and unique items at a lower price.  Some also provide freebies, it will just depend on how you start a good relationship with them.  Again, smile, if and only if it comes from your heart and not because you are aiming to get something from them.

5. Vitamins and Supplements

While you are enjoying your days of stay in your travel destination, you are also maximizing the energy that your body can release.  Excessive sun exposure, unexpected rain showers, less or no sleep at all due to excitement and fun, and the native or exotic food that you will have to try out will surely weaken our immune system. 

We better prepare ourselves for possible colds and coughs.  It is like being equipped with energy boosters and a shield from getting contaminated with an illness out there.

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