Top 5 Vacation Destination in Asia

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Asia is now the new hottest place to have a vacation. It offers a new flavor of vacation compared to traveling to the US and enjoying Disneyland or those other usual stuff tourists do. The countries in Asia have more to offer than just the view but its rich culture, different religions, and interesting traditions. Anyone who wants to go for a retreat or enjoyment for a couple of days will definitely find somewhere to enjoy these magnificent places.

1. Bali, Indonesia

This lovely island has always been the top choice of many travelers in Asia. Despite its small size, this islet of Bali, Indonesia boasts of its beautiful beaches and amazing rain forests. Its remarkable culture, religion, and tradition are very well shown in their tourist destinations such as the Peoria Taman, the Tirtha Empul Temple, and the very popular Kuta beach. The religious temples are the strongest crowd drawers in this lovely place and based on the tales of the residents, the Tirtha Empul Temple is known for its holy waters and its capacity to cure diseases.

It is also known for its wonderful ways of granting wishes reasons why many tourists choose to visit it. Only in 2010, Bali was awarded by Travel and Leisure with Best Island Award 2010 and was also cited as one of the World’s Best Island by BBC.

2. Sukhotai, Thailand

The dawn of Happiness, that is the translation of the name of this historic city Sukhotai. Found in the northern part of Thailand over 400 kilometers north of Bangkok, the city became famous because of its Historical Park which showcases restored temples and monuments from the 13th Century A.D. Stepping into the vicinity of this part in Thailand will allow you to feel how the old dwellers of Siam, how Thailand is called in the olden days, lived. Visitors will more likely enjoy their trip all over the city if they walk on foot or ride bicycles to enjoy the scenery and they can also have a taste of the sumptuous Sukhotai noodles as they pass along their fresh market.

Enjoying the wonderful scenery with a full stomach can be a very delightful experience and one thing all tourists should always experience each time they travel.

3. Cuyo Island, Palawan, Philippines

This place will give you a blast from the past experience once you give it a visit. It is rich with cultural views highlighting the pre-Spanish era represented by the well-kept ancestral houses all over town.

Old Catholic churches were also well-preserved and tourists will definitely enjoy their vacation having pictures taken with these on the background. Sightseeing is not the only fun activity which can be done in this lovely place. Travelers can also choose to windsurf as well as have a leisurely splash in its beautiful beaches spread all over the island. The delicious taste of the sweet cashew nut brittle prepared by the locals will absolutely be a delightful treat while you roam around. Filipino’s are known with their exceptional hospitality and visiting Cuyo, Palawan will give you a chance to experience that. You can learn more about the history of the island of Palawan and what you can do there during your leisure trip by researching about it.

4. Siem Reap Province, Cambodia

Compared to the rest of the destinations which are often visited by many, Siem Reap Province houses the ancient ruins of Angkor. Considered to be a world-class monument that is absolutely unique since it has never been developed from its original structure.

Siem Reap is one of the provinces which show temple ruins of the Khmer Empire which has been kept for over a millennium. This is a place showing nature at its finest.

5. Bach Ma National Park, Vietnam

Nature lovers will have a blast viewing a combination of 233 species of birds, 55 kinds of mammals, and another total of 500 different types of other species in this verdant forest.

It became available in 1991 with the intention of guarding the last passage of forest from the South China Sea up to the border. The remarkable park can be found in central Vietnam over 650 km away from the capital, Hanoi.

The importance of finding a good place to have a vacation does not depend on how huge your budget is. If people can only spend some time to learn about new places to go to instead of the usual ones, they will learn that there are newly developed placed being introduced too.

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