Top 5 Scariest Houses in the World

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There are things in this world that we cannot explain. One of which is seeing what we should not be seeing like ghosts and spirits of the dead. There are places on Earth that have a rich history of bloodshed and terror that the site has accumulated angry spirits that haunt the place up until this day. Here are your top 5 scariest houses in the world.

1. Woodchester Mansion

Woodchester Mansion is an unfinished revival mansion located at Woodchester Park in Woodchester, Gloucestershire, England. It is formerly known as Spring Park. The mansion was abandoned by its builders while it was being constructed. The building itself looks finished outside but it is hallowed and unfinished on the inside. The floors, plaster, and some rooms were left unfinished. Legend has it that the workers who were building the mansion slowly dwindle in population due to freaky accidents. There were at least seven consecutive deaths during the construction of the mansion which scared most of its builders away. While the mansion was passed on to different families to try to rebuild the mansion, the exact same occurrences happen. It is said that the builders who died during the construction of the mansion haunt the place so that it will never be built to its core.

The workers were said to have been oppressed by the owner of the mansion and vowed to never let the family keep the place. So, they haunt the mansion every time a new family tries to continue the construction. In popular culture, the Woodchester Mansion is the site of many regular ghost hunting shows like Ghost Hunters International. It is also the site of many TV shows that have supernatural themes.

2. Skirrid Inn

Although technically it is not a house, the inn itself is home to many different travelers and shelter seekers alike. The Skirrid Inn is the oldest known pub in England dating back 900 years ago. The first floor of the inn was said to be a courtroom before it became a pub. This was where capital punishment was made and that hanging was executed in this room. There were more than a hundred people hanged throughout its colorful history. The last case that took place within the courtroom happened around the early 1600s. It is widely known that the Skirrid Inn was a haunted place. Ghosts have populated the inn since it became a place of shelter for travelers. Glasses fly around the hallways and guests would have difficulty sleeping as they feel someone is watching them. Rooms suddenly become frigid even when the heating is on.

The most famous ghost that has haunted the Skirrid Inn is the barmaid Fanny Price. Another famous ghost that has been known to still be around the inn is the infamous Judge Jeffreys. It is said that the ghost still continues to pass judgment to different criminals at the inn’s courtroom.

3. Rose Hall

The Rose Hall is a Georgian mansion found in Montego Bay, Jamaica. It is noted for the legend of the White Witch of Rose Hall. The Rose Hall is widely regarded as a beautiful mansion filled with flowers and trees and is the most famous house in Jamaica. According to legend, Rose Hall was where Annie Palmer, the white witch murdered her three husbands and still continues to haunt the property up until this day. Among other things, she also murdered other people through poisoning and strangulation. She also forces slaves to carry the dead bodies of other slaves and attend a ritual of some sort at a beach nearby. After nearly a decade of reigning terror and torture within the mansion, she was murdered in her own bed. Up until this day, she haunts the hallways of the Rose Hall waiting for the next male victim to come and be tormented.

Today, the mansion is owned by former Miss USA Michele Rollins and offers nightly tours to the house where the secret hallways and underground tunnels led to different locations of the mansion. Seances are also rendered to stop the witch from haunting the mansion further but to no avail.

4. The Amityville Horror House

Although the Amityville Horror was the setting of a novel by Jay Anson, the story itself was based on a true story that happened in November 1974 in the small town of Amityville. The Amityville Horror House is found at 112 Ocean Avenue.  It is also the site where Ronald DeFeo, Jr shot all six members of his family. A year after which the murders happened and the case was closed, a new family moved into the house. George and Kathy Lutz together with their three children moved into the house and found out it a very uncomfortable place to live in. Twenty-eight days later, they moved out of the house claiming that they have been terrorized by different entities within the house. Although these claims were highly criticized up until this day, the case in which a family was shot by their own member remains to be mysterious. There isn’t much evidence to show that DeFeo was mentally ill. There are stories that depict DeFeo to be possessed by a spirit that lived inside the house and killed his family.

Several of the hauntings include George waking up at exactly 3:15 every morning and found himself at the boathouse every time. It was said that it was around this time that the DeFeo killings happened. Sounds at the doorstep would wake George up in the middle of the night only to find out that the door is tightly locked and the dog is sound asleep even if the sound he had just heard would wake up the entire house. Other incidents include locks and doors in the house were broken even if they were newly installed.

5. Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is found in one of the most haunted cities in the world, Edinburgh, Scotland. Edinburgh Castle is home to a myriad of spirits ranging from royal ones down to spiteful slaves and prisoners. There have been reports of different sightings such as a headless drummer, spirits of prisoners asking for help, a phantom piper that plays tunes in the hallway, a ghost dog that wanders around the cemetery, and many more.

The site itself is home to several dungeons wherein prisoners of all ages come and go. For 900 years, the castle stood the test of time and is now home to hundreds if not thousands of spirits.

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