Top 5 Things You Should Know About Toddlers

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It’s either you’ll love them or you’ll hate them. Living with toddlers is one of the most annoying yet endearing moments you’ll experience as a parent. Being a parent is not easy. There will always be a test of patience especially in dealing with toddlers. They may do some things that will irritate you but once they smile and give you a hug, that annoying feeling will definitely fade away. Whatever your toddlers may be doing, here are five things you should need to know about them.

1. Their Emotions are Raw and Genuine

The best thing about toddlers is that they are the most honest people you will ever meet. They never fake any emotions.

They will laugh when something is funny, they smile when they are happy, they will cry when they feel sad and they will shout whenever they are angry. Your tot will also give you the most heartbreaking moments by calling you ‘Mama’ and “Dada,’ give you a hug and kiss as soon as they see you walk through the door and appreciates everything that you do and buy for them.

2. They Act as if They’re Grown-Ups

Aside from the feeling of independence, toddlers have the tendency to act like grown-ups.

They will talk to you and say a lot of blurry words as if you understand them, they sit and pretend to read a book even if it’s upside down and even smile and point at the sight of a younger kid, calling them as “baby.”

3. They are the Most Active People in the World

They run around the house, they dance once they hear their favorite tune and they talk and shout and laugh as if they don’t get tired.

And it’s even hard to put them to sleep despite playing the whole day. This can be fun especially when you are in the mood for some playtime. But once you get exhausted from all the playing, you can’t help but get annoyed too, wondering where they get their energy that makes them last through the day.

4. They Like to Do Things on Their Own

They don’t want to be held while walking, they like to eat on their own during mealtime and they don’t want you to teach them how a particular gadget works.

Toddlers like to feel that they are independent as if they can do it on their own and without adult supervision.

5. They are Very Curious

Toddlers have the tendency to discover and explore everything around them. So don’t be surprised when everything they touch goes to their mouth instantly or they’ll open every cabinet and drawers in the house. And don’t be too shocked when you see your wall full of “doodles” using colored pens and crayons or worse, your favorite lipstick.

Toddlers are very curious and they want to know how everything around them works in their own ways.

For what it’s worth, living with a toddler will always give you pure bliss. As a parent, savor each moment because, in just a blink of an eye, you’ll realize that your little tot is a grown-up already.

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