Top 5 Signs that Your In-Laws Hate You

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Once you get married, in-laws will definitely be part of your lives. However, this one is crucial because they will either love you or hate you – which can greatly affect your relationship with your spouse. No matter how hard you try, it will always be difficult to please them, especially if they don’t really like you from the start. Although they try hard to be courteous and respectful, here are five signs that will tell you that your partner’s parents or your in-laws probably don’t like you.

1. They Treat You Differently

When you notice that your in-laws treat you differently or they would never care to start a conversation or who won’t even congratulate you on your promotion, chances are they might hate you.

You will notice a change in their mood whenever you’re around. These subtle changes in personality are a good indication that they probably don’t even want to talk to you.

2. They Would Mention Your Spouse’s Ex In Front of You

Every conversation includes a complete narration of how better, cooler, and more successful your spouse’s ex is compared to you.

Hence, there is a constant attempt to butcher your ego and make you feel inferior.

3. The Silent Treatment

Whenever you and your father-in-law are left together, he would often be silent or keep himself busy rather than making a conversation. Or whenever you’re in the kitchen to help your mother-in-law prepare for Sunday lunch, she would only talk to you when she needs something.

This is known as the silent treatment or in other words, they just don’t care about you.

4. They Point Out How Lousy Your Job – and Your Life – Is

Another sign your in-laws don’t like you is when they would often make fun of your job. Instead of congratulating you for a promotion, they would even say, “You’re still with that company?”

And worse, your father-in-law would compare himself and point out his achievements when he was the same as your age.

5. Their Usual Advice: Get a Divorce

When you and your spouse get into a fight, in-laws would often suggest getting a divorce. Instead of acting as a pacifier, they would add fuel to the fire by pointing out your flaws or explain why it was a wrong decision to marry someone like you.

In-laws would normally give advice on how to make your marriage stronger and better, so when they are the ones suggesting divorce, they probably don’t like you.

Dealing with in-laws like this can really be a challenge. But keep in mind that you married your spouse and not your in-laws. There’s nothing wrong with standing up for yourself once in a while and let them feel that you don’t deserve to be treated that way.

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