Top 5 Subtle Ways to Turn Down a Guy

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Have you experienced courting someone and yet she doesn’t feel the same way towards you? Was she able to reject you and say it without hurting your feelings? How did you feel?

One of the dilemmas faced by women is how to turn down a guy without being too rude. Apparently, girls are very creative with telling you that they don’t like you without being too blunt and brutally hurting your ego.

1. “Sorry but I’m not yet ready to commit.” 

Men: beware of this statement. Either she is not yet ready to commit herself to someone or she just simply doesn’t like you to be his man, this used and most abused line definitely won’t fail.

Most women would resort to this line in rejecting you and when she does, then you better think twice because she really doesn’t like you.

2. “I’m busy.” 

Whether she’s too busy at work or she has something to attend to that day or she just doesn’t want to spend time with you, saying she’s busy should give you a hint that she is not interested in going out with you, especially when you have been asking her for the nth time.

Girls who don’t want to be seen with someone can come up with thousands of excuses and use the “I’m busy” line just to avoid any personal encounters.

3. “After all this time, I’m still in love with my ex.” 

Past relationships, especially those long and memorable ones, are hard to forget. For most women, it can take months or even years before they can recover and say that she is already over her ex.

When a girl tells you this, either she is still in love with her ex or she just wants to turn you down. Whatever it is, one thing’s for sure: she just doesn’t like you.

4. “So you texted? Sorry, but I didn’t get anything.” 

Modern society gives everyone the opportunity to easily connect with someone immediately. Hence, it is impossible for someone not to get a message.

When a woman says that she didn’t receive any of your 100 messages and didn’t see your 200 missed calls or she has not been opening her Facebook account for the past week, guys should get a hint.

5. “I just want to be friends.” 

Definitely an ‘ouch’ line for men and also one of the most abused sentences to date. In fact, it is equivalent to saying that a woman does not feel the same way for you.

When a girl says she just wants to be friends, then she really does want nothing but friendship. Hence, any efforts in pursuing her will be rendered useless because she’s simply not interested in you at all.

For girls, if the guy is still persistent and didn’t even get the slightest hint, then be frank about it and tell him directly that you are not interested. In that way, he wouldn’t have to expect anything from you anymore and just move on.

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