Top 5 Most Expensive Bag Brands

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Bags have always been a part of every human’s daily life. Men and women bring along with them a bag wherever they go in order for them to have a chance to bring everything they need. Men use either a backpack or attaché cases to keep their belongings and files safe. Women on the other hand have a variety of choices. Depending on the things they need to bring along with them, they can use a handbag, shoulder bags, clutch bags and attaché cases, and backpacks too. For most fashionable women, bags are part of their daily getup. It would make them feel as if they are under-dressed for the occasion if they don’t have a bag to bring with them. This is the reason why the number of bag manufacturers emerged. More women are becoming interested in these items especially if they are made by known designers. The only issue with these signature bags is the price attached to their name. One single bag can cost an amount enough to pay for your house mortgage or even more than a regular minimum wage earner’s yearly income. The great thing about it though is that these bags are made of high quality and great materials. Here are the top 5 most expensive bag manufacturers in the world.

1. Louis Vuitton

All women who are familiar with fashion would want to have at least one bag bearing the LV label. They not only create amazing bags but other products too such as shoes, jewelry, watches, and even books. Anything luxurious is what Louis Vuitton manufactures. Their products range from a couple of hundred dollars up to $150,000. The Urban Satchel bag is their most expensive creation. This particular bag is very interesting since it is made from materials that are considered junk like candy wrappers, tea bags, wastewater bottles, and some other materials thrown in the garbage.

There were only a dozen of this style created but everything was bought by their respective buyers even before it came out in the market. There are other exclusive designs they create which are really very expensive but just like the Urban Satchel; it also has a booked buyer ready to pay for it.

2. Coach

In the fashion world which is dominated by the people in France and Italy, Coach Inc is probably the only American brand that is competing for head to head with the big names in this industry. Since it first started in 1941, the main focus of the company is to design and create luggage, bags, and wallets. In 1950, the company which established the Coach was run by the couple Miles and Lillian Cahn who were both experts in the business. They started creating handbags in 1961 and hired their own designer and that was the start of their venture to other fashion items such as shoes and other accessories. More people joined in and eventually, the company became a household name. In 1985, the Cahn’s decided to retire and sold the property to Sara Lee and it was placed under the Hanes Group. The success of the company did not plummet instead it grew stronger after Sarah hired a new designer in 1996, Reed Krakoff.

Up to this time, the name Coach is leading the fashion industry with all their products including their beautifully crafted bags which are sold in all known department stores and boutiques all over the world.

3. Chanel

The House of Chanel is one of the most successful brands in France. Founded by Coco Chanel in 1909, they first became known for their fashionable clothing before everything else. Up to this time, Chanel’s line of clothing is very popular because of the quality which is wearable by regular and the more privileged individuals. The House of Chanel also ruled the bag manufacturing industry and became famous because of their own style.

There are bags that can be bought by regular individuals but Chanel is also known to create handbags that are undeniably special bearing precious stones such as the Diamond Forever bag which was sold for $261,000.  This is perhaps their most expensive creation which is made of alligator skin and embellished with 334 diamonds which is encased in white gold.

4. Gucci

This is another Italian brand that made it real big in the fashion industry. They produce all kinds   of luxury items and leather goods since 1921. They have their own chain of operational stores distributing their products all over the world but they also partner with established department stores all over the world. The story behind the success of its founder, Guccio Gucci is one of the most inspiring struggles. He used to work in one of the exclusive hotels in London and seeing the luggage’s of the guests inspired him to be in the business.

He came from Florence, Italy which is known for its artistic and skilled workers thus when he returned to his homeland in 1920, he decided to open his own shop and that started the success of Gucci products. He started with bags made of high-quality materials and eventually after years of success, they ventured into other kinds of products but remained to produce bags with classic styles.

5. Prada

The Italian brand Prada didn’t start with designer clothes and other luxury items when it first opened up. Bags were indeed their first products, selling high-quality English handbags and trunks. It was founded by Mario Prada in 1913 who is a non-believer of women’s business capabilities.

To his frustration, his son did not have any kind of interest in the business he started forcing him to pass it on to his daughter Luisa Prada who then pass it on to her daughter Miuccia Prada in 1978. After the feminine touch, wonderful creation emerged and the brand became even more popular because of their unique and classical creations.

Although the bags from Prada are classic styles, they are also fitted for the everyday working women of today, the modern world. It became really popular not only in Milan but also in the US and even in Asia.

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