Top 5 Things to Use During a Zombie Apocalypse

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People are always thinking of crazy things that are bound to happen. They are always fantasizing about certain “what if?” scenarios. One perfect example is what if they’re the last person on earth. Then again that’s not really going to happen or will it? One of the most popular fantasies so to speak of the people in the eventuality of a zombie apocalypse. A zombie apocalypse is a situation where a certain area if not the world is infested with a viral plague. The people infected would become mindless zombies that only crave feeding. There are certain situations that could lead to this scenario whether it’ll be natural or man-made. Man-made viral outbreaks are the usual theme based on a lot of movies and media. In the event that there would be a zombie apocalypse then there are certain things that you need to use in order to survive. Teamwork among fellow survivors is essential but if you’re faced with this tragedy alone then you need to keep the right items in hand just in case.

1. A Gun

The gun is one of the most iconic items to use during these events. They are usually the weapon of choice based on some movies, video-games, and other media. Why wouldn’t a gun be the best choice but we need to look at it realistically? Not everyone can use a gun properly so that’s one reason. The other reason is that in case an outbreak does happen and you’re in a place like home where you don’t have a gun then that would be a problem in terms of accessibility of the item.

In case you do have a gun, it can only go too far since it requires ammo. Once your ammo and supplies are all used up then it becomes nothing more than a useless heap of metal. It is a very useful item but taking into consideration its limitations then it may not be advisable for some people.

2. A Blunt Object

When a gun isn’t accessible, you can always use a blunt object. A blunt object is something that is hard and painful when it’s struck against someone. Blunt objects usually cause concussions, hemorrhages, blood clots, and even death when used correctly. Blunt objects can range from baseball bats, clubs, hammers, poles, pipes, and even household frying pans. Since blunt objects can be found anywhere, it’ll be really perfect as a weapon during a zombie apocalypse. Then again head trauma won’t be very much effective against zombies.

The best way to use blunt objects is to hit them on the head. You can hope that their heads get detached so that they’ll be immobilized. Blunt objects are light and easy to use but can only be average in terms of power against these zombies.

3. A Sharp Object

A sharp object is considerably more useful than a blunt object. Then again their availability is a bit limited or at least the effective ones. Keep in mind that not all sharp objects are suited for the job. You can’t think of using a steak knife for warding off zombies. Then again there are a variety of sharp objects you can use like machetes, swords, chainsaws, axes, and many more.

The effective way to ward off zombies is to cut their heads off leaving them immobilized. Then again if that will prove to be a challenge, then slice the zombies horizontally via their torso thus slowing their movement even more. You need to have the guts to slice through zombies though.

4. First Aid Kit

First aid kits or any type of medication tool is essential. Since surviving is a key aspect, then you really need some of these to heal any wounds you may have obtained during this period. Granted that protecting yourself is a good idea but it’s also a better idea to run or hide.

This is an acceptable method since zombies aren’t so smart or at least that’s what they’re assumed to be. First aid kits can be important because you don’t want to die due to any infections or severe bleeding.

5. A Good Pair of Shoes or Footwear

Let’s face it during this troubled time, the best thing you can do is run and hide. Since not a lot of people have the experience or the fortitude to slaughter a bunch of zombies then running will prove to be their best option. Considering that zombies are believed to be slow-moving and non-thinking creatures then this option is really practical. You need to have a good pair of shoes for this situation. They don’t have to be expensive or fancy as long as they’re tough and durable.

That’s because you need to run to a lot of varied terrains. If your footwear is crappy then it might end up getting torn in a matter of moments. Then this means you get to run with your feet and you’ll be in danger of stepping on some hazardous materials.

The eventuality of a zombie apocalypse happening may be zero but we will never know. It may not happen now but we need to be prepared for just in case purposes even if it is something as far fetched as this.

The theories behind a possible zombie apocalypse are based on natural and man-made instances. Naturally caused theories usually revolve around ancient viral diseases caught from animals. One example would be a common mosquito bite which results in a somewhat zombie viral outbreak although that may be silly to hear. Man-made causes are more on the realistic side as people are known to research and discover certain medicinal breakthroughs. The result can be good or bad which is usually associated with a zombie outbreak. Then again, that may not be happening in reality but what the point is that though man’s desire for certain achievements there may be certain side effects. We owe it to ourselves to prevent any such instances in case the situation arises. Being prepared despite the silly nature of this situation is always a good idea unless you want your brain to be eaten which is also something in theory.

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