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When TV series came into the picture, people learned to appreciate the beauty of watching something for a longer period of time. Unlike single movies, you can still enjoy this type of show for a few months or even years. There are different TV series that lasted for more than one year because many people love to watch them. One of the best elements of a movie series is a longer storyline that can be twisted by the writers. If you are going to compare it to a single movie, you will find more client satisfaction because the people are able to make sure that they can get more from it in the coming days. There are different TV series that is being aired on different TV channels. With this, it would be safe to say that some of the most wonderful movies are those that are being aired for a longer period of time.

In this section, you will find the five best-watched TV series. The ratings of these movies are way better than the others. One of the main things that can prove their worth in the movie industry is the fact that they were able to get chances to get more seasons.

1. Once Upon a Time

This movie is a meeting ground for both fantasy and reality. This is revolving around the life and adventure of a woman who has been orphaned since birth. She turned 28 only to find out that her son who she gave up for adoption a few years ago came knocking on her door. When she decided to be part of the life of the kid, Emma started to be introduced to the world of fantasy where she originally came from. After knowing her origin, there are different disputes that arose until she was able to conquer herself and decide to help her parents who are apparently being held captives in a magical town.

The story is not really something that you commonly see in the fairy-tale world. There are different twists and there are also a lot of adventures that Emma and the trapped fairy-tale characters are about to confront as they went on in the search of the best ways for them to get back to the fantasy world.

2. Grimm

Grimm is a story of a person who is apparently unique in such a way that he can see the different things that some people are hiding. The story is new every episode and you will see the growth and the development of the movie as time passes by. There are different characters who are acting as supports to the Grimm. With the different adventures that he is going to face in his life as one of the very few people who can see the real thing about the Wesens, he tries to fight the difficulties that he is feeling not only because of his talent but also because of the effect of such gift to his relationship.

As time passes by, this TV series is showcasing different developments that are really impressive. You would realize that there are different twists that are being shown for every episode. This is one thing that made the TV series one of the most anticipated.

3. Beauty and the Beast

This movie is obviously an adaptation of the fantasy movie entitled Beauty and the Beast. The story is all about two people who is living the lives of the characters Beauty and the Beast in the real world. Vincent, who is considered as a beast in a most literal sense, is a product of a failed experiment that aims to change the capability of soldiers by altering their genes and making them undergo medication. He is the last surviving person who could not be killed by the people who created the group of Special Forces that all turned into beasts. He has to make people believe that he is already dead.

When Catherine, an agent, discovered that he is still alive during one of the investigations, their relationship as friends and eventually became lovers started. They have to face the world in a way that they have not understood especially the woman who is compelled to hide the different information about Vincent in order to protect him.

4. Arrow

This is a story of a billionaire who experienced an accident in the ocean while going on a trip on a yacht with his father and his girlfriend’s sister. This accident became the reason why he suddenly evolved into a person who is totally different from what he is when he was still that young and wild young billionaire. His story of revenge and hunger for justice affected him in such a way that he became vigilant who comes when people suddenly face trouble and when someone needs help. Aside from being the vigilante, he became that person who is totally committed to protecting his family and friends.

As he continues to seek justice, the main character goes on with some other supporting casts in their journey to a world where they are trying to regain peace in the small town where they are residing. This story is something that is somewhat the same as the story of Batman.

5. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is one of the most famous series movies that started in 2009. It is revolving around an apocalyptic story where people are turning into zombies. This is one of the most famous apocalyptic movies featuring zombies as villains.

There are different characters in the story with different personalities and weaknesses. With the end of the world in front of their eyes, the main characters have to go on with their lives together with these people that they barely know.

The main problem that is being faced in the movie is the question of how these people are going to live with the imperfections of the other members. At the end of the day, the characters continued to live while trusting and protecting their new family.

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