Top 5 Most Famous Paintings in the World

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Art is a form of expression. People who want to show something that they have kept inside choose to express their feelings thru art. Some people who want to express their admiration for something or someone also use art in order to show it to the world. Painting is just one form of art where the medium that is being used is paint and canvass. Not many people have the talent to express how they feel thru painting. But those who have this talent are really amazing when it comes to color combination and expression.

There are a lot of famous artists and painters around the world. There are also famous paintings that have never failed to make people understand art for many years now. In this section, you will find the 5 most famous paintings in the world.

1. The Starry Night

This painting is one of the most famous works of the person who created it. In this work of art, you would find a detailed painting that is focusing on the large sky, the stars, and the night. The creator of this painting is Vincent Van Gogh. He is famous for having an intrinsic and bothering behavior. He is known when he chopped off his own ear and he sent it as a gift of love. This happened in 1889 and it has made some people wonder about the personality of this person.

This person is someone with a really bothering and unique personality that not all people can understand but he is someone who can be great when it comes to painting. According to him, his painting was created from a window of his room.

2. Birth of Venus

This painting depicts Venus, a woman who stands in a giant clamshell in the middle of the painting. There are two people on the left side of the painting and one woman who is about to give Venus a covering. The birth of Venus is one of the most famous paintings because of its beauty and detailed composition. According to the artist who is Sandro Botticelli, he is showing Venus who is emerging from the sea in his painting.

This was created in 1485 but the detail as to where it was created is still a mystery to the people until now. This is one of the oldest paintings but it is still being used for educational and enjoyment purposes.

3. The Scream

This is one of the paintings that are famous because of their weird and creepy content. Edvard Munch created this piece in 1893. He created this in Norway and you would determine that the background of the painting was the hill of Ekeberg. In the painting, you would see a weird looking guy who is showing a post that will make you think that he is really screaming. He has a distorted face and he is standing on the side of a bridge.

There are two other persons in the background and the background would let you realize that the painter wants you to see that it has happened during the night. The orange sky and the dull color of the bridge and the water in the background made it creepier.

4. The Last Supper

The Last Supper is one of the most famous paintings, especially to Christians. Leonardo Da Vinci created this famous painting in 1495. This is depicting the last supper that Jesus Christ had with His disciples. In this painting, you would see an illustration of a part of the bible in John 13:21. According to history, this painting was created for Duke Ludovico Sforza and Beatrice d-Este as a gift. If you want to see this, you have to go to Milan. This is one of the best paintings in history and one of the most famous because this is showing one of the most important parts of the life of Jesus Christ when He was still in the world. The last supper is a portrayal of the relationship of Jesus Christ to his disciples during His last days. You would always see a copy of this painting in different households.

The beauty and the meaning of this painting are very captivating to different Christians around the world. This is one of the different paintings that you would be seeing in Christian places and one of the most controversial paintings in the world.

5. Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa is another painting that was created by Leonardo Da Vinci. This was created in 1503 and today, you would see it at Musee du Louvre, Paris. The subject of the painting is Lisa del Giocondo. This painting has been known as one of the depictions of beauty. When it comes to fame, even the people who are living in this generation are all familiar with this painting. Many people believe that Mona Lisa is a portrayal of the most beautiful woman in the world. This is one of those paintings that are really known not only in different schools but also in different households.

Mona Lisa and the woman who is in the painting is known as the most famous woman in the world way back then and until now. Leonardo Da Vinci is indeed one of the best painters whose works are known not only in his own local area but also around the world.

The different paintings above have all been reproduced. You would see a lot of copies of these paintings, this is something that is not really shocking because these are very famous. There are different painters who existed before and this is shown by the fact that these paintings are presented above. The modern-day world also has different painters who are known for their modern way of painting. However, there are also painters in the past who are known until now because of their classic portrayal of ideas and original concepts. This is one thing that made people realize the importance of paintings before.

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