Top 5 Wardrobe Must-Haves for Women

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As fashion trends instantly come and go, women also keep on buying several items every week just to follow the trend and keep the presentable look.  This also means that the regular disposition of the old and outdated items from our closet will always be there.  We do not want to wear any clothing item that we know for a fact is outdated or has been seen in numerous Facebook or other social networking site photos of us, or in some cases, worn by a random person with a random connection to us or to our pals. There is nothing wrong with it though, but there are still some items that we must not throw away as we will need and look for them sooner or later, and we do not want to end up buying the same type of item on that day. Below are the 5 must-have items that we should keep in our closets.  Having them preserved in our precious storage will help us save ourselves from future spending and will keep us fashionably updated at the same time.

1. Jeans

As thousands of fashion experts say, “You can never go wrong on wearing a nice pair of jeans”.  A not too dark and not too light pair of jeans can go well on whatever attire that you want to sport in. The pair of jeans should be plain and does not have any fringes or any other eye-catching detail for it to be a wardrobe staple.  Why?  Because a single detail like a small flower on its pocket will not look good when paired up with the different design on the top that you are wearing. If it’s just a simple mall strolling pair it up with sneakers and a cute shirt or tank top.  If meeting up with an old friend in a coffee or tea house, you can pair it up with a plain white shirt, high heels, plus colorful accessories. 

It will just need a little creativity, a mix and match session with shoes and tops, and some minutes to play with accessories and you are good to go!  If you do not want to spend or invest in such a set of jewelry, then you can always call your Mom, Aunts, or Grandmother as there is a big possibility that they still have them in their inventory.

2. Little Black Dress

Like jeans, a little black dress can make you look awesome regardless if you are going to attend a formal event or simply hanging out in a neighborhood coffee shop.  Little black dress looks gorgeous on almost everyone for decades now.  Find one that you think can make you feel sexy and comfortable.  It does not need to be too flashy.  We are trying to sport out a classic and elegant look that is possible at any given time.

The one that will hide your flaws and will emphasize your attractive curves. It is also wise to keep a little black dress with a reliable,  stretchable fabric of good quality as we all know that our body sizes are not constant.  This is just a way to ensure that we can wear the dress years from now.  Also, make sure that you hand wash the dress for a longer closet life.

3. Set of Pearl Jewelries

Pearl necklace, bangles, bracelets, and earrings will forever be the best accessory for any kind of outfit. It is simple but classy at the same time.  It is advisable to have a complete set of pearls as each of them will surely look beautiful when matched with any color. 

Pearl earrings will look good being worn every day no matter what outfit are you wearing on any occasion.  A pearl bracelet will always blend well with plain tops in any color, and a pearl necklace will never fail to give you a classic touch.

4. Black Cardigan

As the weather is always unpredictable almost everywhere, then having a black cardigan ready is perfect for us to have something to add up to our attire.  We can always pull out one during those cold days, when we suddenly need to attend a meeting in an air-conditioned establishment, and also for us to cover up just in case we gained some weight after the parties and events that we have forgotten about our diet.  It also serves as a rescue for us just in case there is suddenly an event that we need to attend to and requires us to dress a bit more professionally but since we are not aware, we are just wearing the usual jeans and a shirt. 

It does not matter if you are just wearing a rugged outfit, just wear a nice black cardigan over your top and you will instantly sport a smart casual look.  Fold it neatly and have it ready to stuff in your bag and you can guarantee yourself a reliable shield against coldness, excessive sunlight, and someone else’s view to your unwanted gained fats.

5. Black Leather Bag

The black leather bag should also be called everything and everywhere bag.  You can use it from a simple grocery visit to a regular workday, up to a corporate event that you need to attend.  A black leather bag is best for women on the go with less time to drop by at home and get any items needed before going out somewhere again.  Just make sure that it is not too big to look like you have the whole room or office with you or too small to look like you have just your phone and cigarette lighter inside it. 

As long as it is not bulky but contains everything that you need to have with you when you are out like your make-up kit, toothbrush and toothpaste, diary or planner, a bottle of water, cell phone, and all other gadgets; then it is perfect to stay with you for years.

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