Top 5 Make-up Must-Haves by Women

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Women are beautiful just the way they are no matter what other people think or say about them. Of course, we are all born with our own different qualities and faces; therefore beauty varies depending on who the person is.

Now, as we all know, make-up is quite a necessity among women of this generation; in fact, there have been several makeup tutorials and versions that just pop out of nowhere. Make-up enhances one’s beauty, whether it’s for an everyday street look, office makeup and or evening parties or clubbing.

As for those who are not that familiar with make-ups, here are the top five basic make-ups must-haves that you have to have.

1. You Must Have a Blush On

A blush on basically creates a pink, a brown, an orange, or a reddish blush on your cheeks depending on the color you choose.

Blush on does the trick of making your cheeks look puffy or sometimes contour. It’s one simple step to making your face look better and more radiant.

2. You Have to Have a Lipstick

Now, lipstick truly is a must-have. There is quite a wide range of options to choose from when purchasing a lipstick. You can be playful, you can be flirty, you can be daring or just simple.

You can be anything with just one shade of lipstick in your luscious lips. This item could also be re-applied by women whenever they get a chance.

3. You Have to Have an Eyebrow Liner

An eyebrow liner is used to line up your eyebrows and make them appear perfect. This is one basic make-up item and routine that any women do because it does create an image of a perfect and well-balanced facial feature.

Somehow, it just magically enhances your beautiful facial feature and makes you stand out among the others just like that. It’s easy to do and very basic and that’s why women are very much into it.

4.  You Have Got to Have a Powder

A powder or press powder is often used by women after applying the foundation. This removes the oiliness and stickiness of your applied foundation.

It visually creates a smooth and perfect skin on your face. This item is often re-applied by women when they get a chance to do so.

5.  You Have Got to Have a Foundation

A foundation, as the word itself, means, basically clears and smoothen your skin, covering all blemishes and acne marks for a clean base or canvass to start on with your make-up.

This is one of the most basic make-up must-have that you should consider purchasing when you are new to make-up. Never ever forget to buy one because this really does the trick in making your skin look more delicate and more appealing.

BB creams, like foundations, does the same trick and glow to your skin. It is technically a different version of the foundation which is commonly used by Asian ladies because it suits their skins perfectly.

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