Top 5 Situations Where People Tell Lies

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Lying is a sin but then again not all people are religious. Lying is generally a bad thing as it can do damage and hurt other people. Despite that fact, lying has been a part of our society ever since the earliest civilizations of man. White lies are no exemptions because they’re still lying even if their goal is to do good intentions. Lying can be beneficial sometimes but it always ends up in trouble in due time. There are several reasons why people lie and most of them are to avoid getting into trouble. There are certain situations where lying is abundantly done so as not to acquire any consequences but there usually are when the time comes.

1. Whenever People are Uninterested

People tend to be sensitive to other people’s feelings. Whenever a friend or any acquaintance asks a person to a certain event and the one being invited isn’t necessarily interested, then they tend to lie. They make some sort of excuses such as they’re either busy, have some other appointment, or any other excuse out of the blue. This is usually a good defense mechanism so as not to insult or offend the one inviting about the fact the one being invited isn’t interested in the said activity.

There are cases where people just humbly decline and say they aren’t interested while some just plainly say no to the invitation.

2. Whenever People are Late for or with their Work

This happens pretty much at work or even at school. Whenever a person fails to finish their office work, homework, or project they tend to lie about it. The most common lies would include they got sick, the work was too big, or others. Lazy people tend to tell lies a lot in this situation granted that they haven’t finished their assigned task in the first place. The most common joke in school is that “My dog ate my homework” which sounds cute but it really isn’t. Lying with regards to unfinished work is usually common in the hopes of getting an extension or the benefit of the doubt.

In school, it can work depending on the teacher but in work is another situation. Failing to finish works and lying about it can lead to dire consequences so better not lie in the first place.

3. During Gatherings

People tend to be proud so whenever they get the chance to brag they usually do even if it’s not true. These situations are usually found even in simple family gatherings. It’s common that siblings or cousins tend to brag to one another about how successful their careers are even if some of them aren’t true. It also stretches beyond the boundaries of wealth and fortune as they also tend to brag about how good their family is despite being on the verge of a divorce.

The most concrete example is during a high school reunion where a large percentage is probably lying as to how good their careers have become despite still being unemployed. The next you go to a gathering, expect a couple of lies to float in the air.

4. Things Related to Love

Love is supposed to be pure and about trust but can also be filled with lies. Even in the courting stage lies are already abundant as guys tend to tell all sorts of lies just to get the girl. Girls may also not be too innocent of this as they can also tell lies with regards to their past. Then again if things go smoothly and both parties love each other and it’s a happy ending nonetheless. Then again even couples have the tendency to lie. Situations regarding adultery are also conceived through lies since there’s no one sane enough to admit that they’re two-timing.

It’s probably an unpleasant scene but lying is also abundant in things related to love. Even the most committed couples have one moment in their relationship where a lie has been said. If they’re willing to talk it over then there should be no problem.

5. During a Court Hearing or Trial

There are some that would say that there is no justice in the world. Even court hearings and trials are situations where lying is relatively abundant. It doesn’t matter if they’re the prosecutor or the defendant both sides have to lie even at one point. It is an ugly truth but it is a fact that both sides would want to win it by any means necessary. Taking aside any possibilities of bribery and money, lying is always at the forefront of these situations. In the mindset of the defendant, they have to be acquitted by all means necessary.

While the opposite side will do things just to sentence the defendant. It’s ugly to look at but the world of law is funny as the righteous don’t always win. Again lying doesn’t always save the wrongdoers all the time.

Lying is already a part of a lie even if it’s done in the simplest ways. One might argue but there really is no way to stop it unless the person decides not to lie. Lying does have its positive but mostly negative effects on the people around you.

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