Top 5 Ways to Go Green

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The Earth is slowly dying and we can actually feel the results of it. We tend to feel the sun’s heat a lot more because of the degrading atmosphere that should protect us from the heat. We also have problems with garbage and the sea’s rising levels. People should understand that we need to protect our environment now more than ever before all is lost and we end up without any resources for supply.  Living a green lifestyle means cutting back on using the Earth’s natural resources for our own purposes and instead harness it to improve the Earth’s current situation. Here are the top 5 ways to go green.

1. Cut Back on Transportation Cost

One of the best ways to begin learning the green lifestyle is to start cutting back on transportation. This way, you get to start saving money from transportation costs. Invest money in buying a bike and ride a bike going to work rather than take a taxi.

Green Benefits: When you ride a bike to work or to a nearby store, you save money which is also paper. You also save gas which is slowly depleting the natural resources of Earth. When you save on gas, you also cut back air pollution. The best way to do this is to ride a bike when you are traveling a long distances. Walk when you have enough time or you can cover short distances.

Health Benefits: Riding a bike or walking has a distinct health advantage for humans. One, you get to smell the fresh air instead of carbon dioxide and smog. Riding a bike and walking helps your blood circulate better. It strengthens your leg and core muscles. It enhances your lungs and heart.

It also makes you sweat which clears out the toxins in your skin. If you find yourself relying on coffee every morning to perk you up, try walking around the neighborhood to pump the blood to keep you awake.

2. Cut Back On Electricity

One good way in cutting back your electricity cost is to unplug all appliances that are not in use. Your fridge should be turned off in the evening right before you go to bed. Turn off all the lights inside your home when you go to sleep or when you are away. Invest in a good night light. Replace all bulbs with fluorescent as light bulbs tend to use more energy than fluorescent ones. Invest in good solar power supply as well. There are more financial benefits you get when you cut back on electricity.

Green Benefits: Electricity runs from power plants that use diesel. Diesel comes from a natural source which can deplete at any moment. Diesel also breaks down into harmful substances that can destroy the environment. Cutting the cost of electricity also cuts the costs of all monthly expenses thereby putting more resources to where it is needed.

Health Benefits:

You sleep better without a light on and without the stress of using electronic gadgets. You do not have to rely too much on using technology to get what you need therefore you move around the house a lot more.

3. Eat Organic

More and more people are eating healthier these days. It is time for you to do it as well. Eat greener foods than usual. They provide high-quality health benefits to your body and keep you from spending too much. Buy foods from the supermarket and avoid eating in restaurants. They cost more and have more additives and preservatives in them. Avoid eating canned goods as well. If you cannot put down eating only green foods, try to partially eat vegetables mixed with meat and fruits.

Green Benefits: The packaging used in different foods cause greenhouse gas emissions that can destroy the Earth’s atmosphere. Livestock production has also been known to contribute to the rising percentage of greenhouse gases. Eating healthy foods means you do not have to feel sick all the time. This can cut the hospital costs that you usually get on a yearly basis.

Health Benefits:

Going vegan has a lot of healthy benefits. Vitamins and minerals are found mostly on vegetables and fruits. The more you eat them, the more likely you have a strong body and immune system to fight off diseases which can lower the chances of you landing in a hospital bed.

4. Be Active

Be active in an organization that influences a green lifestyle. There are hundreds of organizations that serve to protect the environment and pursue a healthier and greener lifestyle. If you cannot find one near you, talk to your neighbors, and create events that can fund your organization’s goals.

You can even have a monthly event in your neighborhood that seeks to let all people inside your neighborhood eat only green foods for a single day in a month.

5. Recycle Old Materials

There are hundreds of materials that can be recycled that are found inside the kitchen alone. And there are even more materials waiting to be recycled that are found inside the rest of your home. Gather them once they are used and recycle them. You also need to segregate all of the waste products that you have.

Form a compost pit with the biodegradable ones and recycle those that are non-biodegradables. Take your own step into maintaining a green lifestyle and help protect the environment.

Aside from these tips, you also need to do your part in maintaining the environment’s current state if not drive it to become what it was once. Everybody needs to do their part in securing nature and preserve it so that more generations can enjoy its beauty. Do your part by living a green lifestyle. If you are, live a greener lifestyle. Help organizations that aim to promote the wellness of our environment. Promote the process of recycling. When you go green, your body also benefits from it. Certain healthy lifestyles also attribute to healthy outcomes for the environment such as going vegetarian and recycling.

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