Top 5 Inventions From the Past

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Human beings are God’s greatest creation. He has always been proud of his favorites and their capabilities. He has bestowed upon them the ability to think and reason out which no other of his other creations has the capacity to do so. With that gift, men were able to improve their way of living starting from the early years up to this generation. It was amazing how people found out about fire and what it can do. When they learned how to improvise the tools they have and create knives to cut the animals they catch for food. They were not educated then, but men were already smart enough to figure these things out.

As time went by, new discoveries were unraveled and more useful items were created. There were men who stood from the rest because of their brilliant minds and they were able to create important inventions which changed the lives of all the people living on earth. Here are the top 5 most important inventions that really mattered.

1. Electricity

Though electricity was not really invented since it already existed, the way it was distributed in houses and buildings was the amazing fact humans were able to discover. Thanks to Thomas Edison, he found a way to make it possible.

He also designed and created the first electric power station, the Pearl Street station. Nowadays, people are more dependent on electricity. Almost everything is relying on the distributed electricity, from light bulbs to those stoves that cook their food.


The Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation or LASER is an example of a result of the fusion of great minds. Sir Albert Einstein was the first to introduce the idea that a stimulated atom can emanate photons in one direction but he was not able to complete his studies on this. In 1960, Theodore Maiman finished that Einstein started and created the first working LASER based on the ruby crystal.

That is how LASER began and now, blu ray players at home exist, hospital operations are less painful and much easier to complete. Even the more advanced weaponry systems are using Lasers.

3. Telephone

Many people were amazed when Alexander Graham Bell introduced the telephone to the public. The technology made by Bell was indeed a wonder especially that it allows two people to converse even if they are not in the same place at the same time.

He started this and later it evolved and now we have more sophisticated phones which can be brought along with us anywhere we go called cellular phones and mobile phones. The updated ones are even equipped with internet access which allows users to surf the net with it.

4. The Internet

Who wouldn’t know what the Internet is? Information is now at the tip of an internet user’s finger compared to those days when one has to open a book to learn about things. Recreation, communication, and information are now easily acquired because of this great invention.

people separated by distance are not feeling loneliness and misery anymore since they can easily chat or speak with each other using webcams.

5. Antibiotics

Along with the progress of men came their destruction too. More unknown kinds of sickness caused numerous deaths that in 1347, half of Europe’s dwellers died because of a plague. Unfortunately, during that time, there was no known medication since they were not ready for these types of ailments. Luckily, in 1895, Vincenzo Tiberio observed that a mold called Penicillium and an antibacterial effect. This ignited the curiosity of others and a lot of them began their own studies regarding this. However, it took look before someone was able to make a product that can cure all these ailments.

It was only in 1928 when Alexander Fleming finally came out with studies supporting the effectiveness of Pennicillum but he did not complete it. Finally, in 1932, Gerhard Domagk successfully came out with the first antibacterial medication. As years pass by, more and more individuals continued to study for a more effective type of antibiotic that is being used today.

There are a lot more inventions that were created by men and most of them are found useful for human beings. This is after all the main intention; to invent something to provide convenience to mankind. It could have been better if these men who were gifted with minds as brilliant as theirs to work on inventions that can provide benefits to everyone and not just their pockets. Some inventors are even creating horrible kinds of sickness so that their invented medications will be sold to the highest bidder. This is a very sad notion but it is happening. The intention of these people has become selfish and that they stopped minding other people even if the number of collateral damages increases. This may be an unfortunate situation but not all of these brilliant-minded people are thinking that way. A lot more are have kind hearts that are always thinking of things that can improve the lives of many and for the generations to come.

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