Top 5 Types of Girls’ Ideal Man

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Are you having a hard time knowing what girls really look for a guy? Are you too naïve to realize what it is that girls want? Then you have stopped by the right place.

When you think that girls are actually more into the outer appearance, then, you have got it completely wrong. Girls are not like that in fact most of them are not really going for the looks. They prefer something else, something deeper and something that could only be found from the inside.

Here are the top five ideal types of girls.

1. A Gentleman

The first thing a guy should have and should know, being a gentleman. Girls are very much into guys who have manners, have good morals and principles in life. It is a must-have attribute for every guy because this makes you really look good not only from the outside but definitely the inside.

Being a gentleman, you need not wear fancy clothes, have fancy cars or gadgets, you just have to be yourself and show them what you are, a true gentleman.

2. A Family Oriented Guy

Girls, as innocent as they may seem, they know how to choose the right guy that they know they could be with for the rest of their lives. Guys that are very family oriented are very much liked by most girls who are into serious relationships.

It is because, family-oriented guys are usually those who have good values, who know how to love, cherish, and take care of someone. This attribute will surely win your girl’s love and trust as well, that’s for sure.

3. Knows How to Respect

Respect is a very much needed attribute not only for guys but for everybody in reality. But if you are a guy trying to impress a girl, then you definitely must have it.

Respect for others especially to yourself like maybe wearing decent clothes or simply being good to the elders. This does a great impact on your overall points.

4. Refine and Intelligent

Now girls definitely dig guys who look presentable and neat. You don’t want to give off the wrong and scary impression on them because your chances of dating her will go down to zero.

Also, girls like those who can keep up with an intelligent conversation, not a professional conversation though, but a chat that somehow is meaningful and not just any random topic. Try to think of a very cute yet meaningful topic that should be a great start.

5. Great Sense of Humor

Girls love having fun. They love it when they are laughing or feeling happy.

A guy who could make them smile is definitely something they would come looking for so it’s not bad to have a great sense of humor, just remember to do so in a way that wouldn’t offend her or anybody.

Girls are very sensitive and quite picky. But no matter how high their standards are or unbelievably impossible their ideal type is, just remember to be yourself; it is the best way to a woman’s heart.

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