Top 5 Qualifications to be Called a Gamer

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The word gamer was generally conceived as a person submerged into a world of video games. This isn’t to confuse them on being players on actual sporting events or any physical requiring activities. That was generally the definition back in the day and gamers were generally conceived as nerds or geeks.

Nowadays the word gamer can easily be used by anyone due to the vast amount of social media games available for the public. Just to be clear if a person plays video games, it doesn’t qualify them to be a gamer right way. Just because they play a farming simulation online doesn’t mean they’re a gamer. In order to be a full pledge gamer, there are some qualities that you need to consider.

1. Being a Fan Boy

There are numerous gaming companies and game systems in today’s market. It’s not surprising that some of these companies have their loyal followers and so-called fanboys. This means that numerous debates and comparisons would be common. There are fans that would say that this system or this game is better.

You can scan online and you’ll see numerous forums and comments about console wars and endless debates as to which is the best game.

2. Playing More than One Game System

Gamers are usually versatile and they play more than one game system. They don’t necessarily have to own the console as they can play it a friend’s house or at a local video shop.

Game systems range from the standard consoles, PC, handhelds, phones, tablets, arcades, and other electronic devices capable of playing a video game.

3. Playing Multiple Genres

There are multiple genres in the world of video games  A gamer can excel in more than 1 genre since they can accumulate the knowledge and grasp the mechanics of the game.

The genres can range from being a shooting game, puzzle game, adventure game, or anything else. A good gamer can play all of them and at its full potential.

4. Dedicating Time to the Game

A gamer dedicates not only a few minutes but hours of gaming. Usually, gamers play a range of 8 to 12 hours a day. That would total up to nearly a hundred hours a week.

This isn’t necessarily an addiction symptom but when they’re really attracted to the game they’re playing, then don’t be surprised if they won’t leave their spot for hours or even days.

5. Knowledge of the Games

A gamer knows when games would be released and their general contents. They would look up online if they are interested in any upcoming game. They would know the game’s mechanics, plot, gameplay, and development.

Nongamers wouldn’t be aware of the game until they’re already on the market. Gamers would also know what to buy directly when stepping into a video store.

The word gamer isn’t really fit for everyone just because they play a certain video game online or offline. The qualities of a gamer make them who they are as they’re unique.

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