Top 5 Men’s Relationship Rules

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Girlfriends word wide certainly know that we do have a hundred or even a thousand entries for our relationship rules.  We also know that our respective guys do not know and do not follow all of them as they think that most of them do not make any sense.  Guys say that most of us girls are very high maintenance and demanding as we are asking too much all the time.  Instead of complaining about how insensitive or hard-headed they are, let us review the Top 5 Men’s Relationship Rules in this article and I assure you that it will help us understand the way they think and understand and possibly help us cut a big part from our own relationship rules.  The below rules will guarantee that our guys will not get tired of being with us and will ensure that we will all have a happy and relaxed relationship which is what we all really want and should have anyway.

1. Communication

Every guy must have told us that men are not born to be mind readers.  We must tell them what exactly we want and what we do not like.  Guys never understand why is it hard for some girls to tell them what they want.  For men, they want our requests to be plain and straight to the point, and they will just let us know if it’s possible or not.  We should also keep in mind that it is very essential for us to tell them with all honesty if there is a problem whenever they ask us.  If we tell them that there is no problem even though we know that we are about to hit their faces with anger, then they will take and believe what we have said and will continue to act normal as they really think that everything is fine. 

This scenario will leave us pissed off and when the worst thing comes, we will burst out and end up saying unnecessary, hurtful things that we will regret later on.  What we have said might serve as a big reason for them to leave us.

2. Live Your Life

We were on our own before we met them and we all know how fun it is to see our girlfriends and have girl talks all night in a very feminine bonding or night out.  The same thing goes with our boyfriends.  Our boyfriends will never enjoy their boy’s night out when we keep on texting, calling, and checking them.  We need to put a nice room for us to be missed by them and that will keep the fire burning in our relationships.  Just make sure that both sides will be properly updated and that does not mean minute-by-minute reports sent to one another.  Another thing, when we say live your life, It also means living up your own social networking site life!  Men might not admit it but it definitely annoys them when there is a specific thread or topic discussed with his buddies on his Facebook wall and you suddenly leave your comment or likes out of nowhere. 

Living out our own lives for some time will also help us love and feel good about ourselves.  It will also lessen the time for us to give our guys too much despite the fact that we know that they cannot give back exactly what we are giving, and this will all end up with another argument.

3. Support Each Other

It does not mean that you need to suddenly join his Soccer team although you never got interested in sports.  It just goes like this:  Girls love to receive a lot of compliments, and so are guys.  Guys might not admit it but they really want to be praised for whatever works they have done.  Giving him some of your helpful suggestions, compliments for his works and efforts, and some light criticizing will make our boyfriends think that they are continuously learning from us. 

Learning from each other is one of the components of making any relationship work.  If you are no longer learning from each other then there is no point for you two to be together.

4. Privacy

A single sentence from a sensible guy friend explains it all:  Invading our privacy is just the same as smelling our dirty underwear in front of us, and it’s seriously annoying so you better stop it, okay?  It is definitely like they are hiding anything from us or whatever, but the fact that we are not leaving a small part of their lives that they can keep only on their own is really unacceptable. 

After all, if we girls know that we are being and trying to be the best partner, then there should be no reason for us to place any doubt in our relationships.

5. Trust

We all know how the majority of guys are afraid of commitment and the fact that they decided to commit themselves to us is a big factor and the main reason why we should trust them.  The fact that they chose to be with us over those times that they can spend hanging out with their friends, checking out chicks everywhere, and the whole single life should be enough for us to be confident that whatever happens, it will always be us that our boyfriends will go home to and will look for when they need to be in peace, happiness, and comfort. 

Trust always comes along with honesty.  Believe me, once a man knows that you are a very honest person and is giving him 100% of your trust, then this man will think twice about lying to you or doing something that he will hide from you.

I hope this article helps women out there on how to keep the relationship light and happy.  As mentioned, love should not ask us girls to give out our whole lives just to meet men’s standards.  Men are simple and as much as possible, they do not want to complicate things out which is why they only have a few rules in a relationship.

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