Top 5 Ways You Can Bring Back the Zest in Your Relationship

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It’s pretty common for any romantic relationship to go through rough times. There may be days when couples get tired of doing the same routines and thus, affection dies down.

Reignite the fire in your relationship and keep the passion burning. These creative solutions might help you feel more connected and more romantic to your partner

1. Send Handwritten Love Notes

Emails and text messages clearly dominate this technology-driven world. But a simple, handwritten love note can make all the difference in somebody else’s day. It may sound traditional but writing love notes is a sure-fire way to make each other special. So, start composing sweet messages and leave that note tucked in his favorite pants, inside his bag or put it beside his laptop.

Sweet notes and love letters are great reminders that you remember each other even when things get busy.

2. Volunteer for a Special Cause

Is there a special cause that you want to get involved in? Have time to participate in great causes and give a helping hand to the needy.  Together with your partner, plan out what special cause you both are interested in, reach out to a local charity, ask for information and take some time to volunteer.

Not only you do great acts for others but you increase your bond as well.

3. Spend Some Time Apart

Spend some time apart, enjoy the company of your friends and catch up with their lives.  While he wants to play hoops with his favourite pals, invite your girls to a night out. Spending some time apart is healthy as you both give each other that “freedom” to devote quality time with other people.

It also makes you trust each other even more.

4. Add Variety to Your Date Nights

Whether it will be an out of town trip, a cozy dinner under the stars or a movie marathon at home, date nights keep the love pumping. Couples need to chill and have some quality time together to talk about things that matter the most.

To add variety to your date nights, write down your ideas on a piece of paper and toss them on a bowl. When weekends come, take turns to reach into the bowl and follow what is indicated. 

You will be surprised at what your sweetie has written down for both of you.

5. Get “steamy” in the Shower

Be it early in the morning or late at night, tell your guy to take long showers together. Jump right in and “heat” things up! Use your favorite body wash and lather it on his chest, arms and shoulders. Tell him to do the same to you.

Exchange words of love and kiss each other under the water.

When things start to get a little boring, it’s important to incorporate new ideas and more ways to nurture your relationship and keep the spark alive. Though it requires a little effort on your part, in time you’ll find out that taking great care to think of more creative ways has a lot of benefits on your relationship.

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