Top 5 Movie Genres to Take a Girl To

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Whenever you have a date with a girl regardless if it’s for the first time or not you need to have a flow of events. There is the occasional dining out at the restaurants but what do you do before that time? It may be a bit of cliché or old fashioned but there’s nothing better than taking a girl to the theater to watch a movie.

Being a gentleman, you can ask the girl what kind of movie she wants to watch. If she chooses something, then accept it and enjoy the time with her and move on. If she does answer that you decide what movie to watch, then better make sure what kind of genre is perfect. There are certain genres that can help you get a better dating experience with her.

1. Romance / Love Story / Chick Flicks / Drama

This is the obvious choice so it goes at the bottom. Girls like to watch these kinds of movies although that can be questionable it’s the same for you. Just focus on the fact that you’re spending a good time with a girl with something that she likes and not necessarily something you want.

That’s a plus points in her book but just don’t act too bored or else she’ll have doubts.

2. True to Life

These true to life genres tend to have a slice of life or emotional aspects which are perfect for a date. There are the so-called life lessons and these can make your girl shed a tear or two.

Just make sure it isn’t much of an action adaptation otherwise it’s going to be a bit noisy in the theater.

3. Comedy

Comedy movies give a certain aura that you’re a fun-filled person. Girls would also like to have a few laughs every now and then. It also can be entertaining for you so it’s more like a win-win genre for both of you.

You can also get to see her smile and the good thing is that you’re going to enjoy yourself at the same time.

4. Fantasy / Adventure / Epic

These types of movie genres are nice to watch with a girl you like. They give out a good combination of various emotions. These emotions can be joy, fear, love, and sadness all packed into one movie. The good thing is that you get to experience all of these in one movie.

The other good thing is that these types of movies usually stretch from 2 to 3 hours long so that means more bonding time inside the theater.

5. Horror / Suspense

You’re probably wondering why these genres take top place and here’s why. First off all girls have the tendency to be nervous so movies like these that have certain seat jumping moments are perfect.

This lets the girl cower in fear making her grip onto you throughout a large part of the movie. It’s a bit immature but the point is you get to have a little fun with her for the moment.

Regardless of what kind of genre you pick just remember what matters are the time you’re spending with the girl. Then take into consideration the movie preferences for that day as well.

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