Top 5 Favorite Vampire Characters

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Vampires are now becoming very popular because of the different movies where they are the main characters. These characters are supernatural beings that are showing different features that are not seen in a normal person. This is one thing that is highly distinctive to these people. There are two movies with vampire themes, Twilight and Vampire Diaries, that became very famous not only because of the storyline but because of the amazing characters of the people that are being portrayed.

1. Isabella Swan

Isabella Swan or commonly known as Bella is one of the most favorite characters in the vampire movie entitled Twilight. She spent most of the part of the movies as a human but she always wanted to be a vampire. She just became one when she gave birth to a baby who is half-human and half-vampire. Her personality and her love story are some of the things that made her very famous. Her life as a vampire may have started in the last part of the book or movie but still, she is considered to be one of the best because of her catchy personality and her drive to do everything just to achieve something.

Bella became a vampire when she failed to live after giving birth. This happened after her wedding and it is one thing that made her live a happier life.

2. Edward Cullen

Edward is the most famous vampire who is really lovable. The actor, Robert Pattinson, became very famous to the extent that he has won a lot of awards because of the movie. Edward Cullen is a vampire who fell in love with a human in the person of Bella. Their love story made the story all the more interesting. He has a very calm and manly personality. His love for Bella is one of the things that made him survive being with a human. As a vampire, this is not something that can be commonly done because vampires are very sensitive to humans because they are craving for their blood.

He is part of the vampire family that has high regard for their relationship with humans. Unlike other vampires, they do not feed on humans, hence why Edward Cullen and his family were able to live peacefully in a small town.

3. Helena Gilbert

Helena Gilbert is one of the main characters of the series movie entitled Vampire Diaries. She is a high school girl who happens to be the doppelganger of a vampire who has been in hiding for a very long time already. One of the last things that she didn’t want is to become a vampire but she was not able to control her destiny. She is one of the favorite vampires in the movie because she happens to be one of those who showed negative changes and yet she was able to regain herself again. When she is still not a vampire, she is the type of person who cares about her family, friends, and the two men who are very important in her life, Damon and Stefan.

When Helena became a vampire, she chose to shut down her emotions in order for her not to feel the pain of losing her brother and the rest of her family and other friends.

4. Damon Salvatorre

Damon Salvatorre is one of the legendary brothers who became vampires in 1864. Their role in the series movie entitled Vampire Diaries is very important because they fell in love with the same person. Damon has a very impulsive person. When you are going to compare him to his brother, you would realize that he is the brother who is more practical when it comes to decision-making. In the movie, you would see him as a person who would do everything in order to protect Helena, his brother’s girlfriend. His love for this girl, who happens to feel something for both brothers, is indescribable. He can do everything and he can sacrifice all the other people around them just to make sure that the woman is safe.

But more than that, he is willing to do everything in order to protect his brother. As the older one, he always makes sure that his brother is in a good shape.

5. Stefan Salvatorre

Stefan Salvatorre is one of the brothers who is calm and sober most of the time. He loves Helena and he is the one who first won the love of this woman. He is also doing everything in order to protect Helena and his brother. Compared to his brother, he is unstable in a way that he cannot control his craving for human blood. He is considered as a reaper, one of the most notorious and dangerous vampires who can kill one village after the other just to feed on the blood of the people who are living there. This is something that he has been fighting for a long period of time.

With the help of his friend who is also a vampire, he was able to deal with this problem. He is totally different from his brother, which made him one of the most favorite. When it comes to kindness, his compassion is very important.

The story of the lives of the vampires is one thing that is highly anticipated by people. The love story of Bella and Edward is something that is considered to be epic. Many people shared the feelings that these couples had for each other. With the different challenges that came their way, they were still able to get by and spend a happy life with each other. The Vampire Diaries is another movie that made it to the top of the movie industry because of its portrayal of the lives of vampires. These movies do not only portray immortality but it also makes you learn about eternal love.

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