Top 5 Ways to Become Popular in Your Social Circle

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Social interaction amongst friends helps keep them together. Notice how the most social of friends are the life of the party whereas people who keep to themselves rarely become the center of attention inside your own circle of friends. If you yearn to become one of the life of the party and become a sociable person, here are the top 5 ways to become popular inside your social circle.

1. Be Who You Are

The best way to become the center of attention within your group of friends is to be who you are. The simplest advice anyone can give you in terms of knowing yourself and others better is to be natural with yourself. Be honest with how you interact with people. If you make up stories, your lies will catch up with you sometime or another. People will then notice that you lied to them and you do not value the honest relationship they want to give to you.

Look and interact naturally. You will surely stand out as we are all different individuals. Play with your strengths and tone down your weaknesses.

2. Choose the Right Set of Friends

There are different people who have different preferences in friends and how they want to build their relationship with their friends and their social circle. Some often stumble and befriend people who treat them like slaves instead while others struck gold with identifying a true blue friend. Choosing the right set of friends is important if you want to become popular with such a set of friends.

You will always find a way to help tell if a person is truly your friend or not and when that time comes, you need to be strong in your decision to either keep that loyal friend or dump that selfish person.

3. Listen Intently

There are times that parties and outdoor activities help bond friendships but the ultimate bonding of friends is when one friend is in trouble. This is the time that you can really get to know your friend or friends as they stumble in life and become very vulnerable. It is the time that you should be a good friend and listen intently. This way, you get to understand how your friend behaves when he is in stress and how he interacts with other people. This is also the time that you can be there for your friend. This is the time that you can be the friend that your friend is looking for.

With that, you earn the trust and love of your friend making you his priority other than anyone else. This helps you climb up the ladder to become the sociable friend that you are meant to be.

4. Host Different Parties

The best way to earn the confidence of your friends is to throw a party every now and then. You can start by planning a party that is different from what you normally do. Try to ask them what they want to do aside from the normal things. Once they try to suggest things, you can go ahead and make it come true. There are different parties that you can plan.

It has to be different from what you usually do so that you will be the center of attention the next time another party comes up.

5. Learn Tried Conversation Starters

There are many people who try to reach out to people and end up either getting slapped or ignored. This is because these types of people do not know how to interact with other people. They do not know how to start a conversation. Most of the time, they try to put on a front by complimenting a person but they end up insulting a person. Try to find tried and tested conversation starters. Take note, try not to sound too cheesy as well.

As a rule, try to avoid starting a conversation regarding politics, sex, and religion. These are the topics that can lead to an intense conversation and can result in an argument as most people have different opinions on the matter.

In a party or any social gathering, we always want to be the center of attention. We always want to be on the spot where people are interested in what we do and what we have done. Others who stay near the spotlight will always yearn for that spot which is why people tend to want to become a social person even if they are not meant to be. All people seek attention that is a fact but it is how we deal with such heavy responsibility that we identify ourselves as separate individuals.

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