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When the wedding is over, the honeymoon is the most anticipated trip for newlywed couples like to plan. This is the time when they get to spend quality time together and begin to learn the definition of husband and wife. This is also the time that they can finally bond together as a married couple for the first time and get to experience it in a very unique way. This is why most couples tend to plan their honeymoons carefully. Some might want to just stay locally while others want to go out of the country and into some tropical island to really experience the unique culture. Here are the top 5 cheap honeymoon vacation spots.

1. Mexico

If you are living in the US, then the best places to go to is in Mexico. If you want tropical beaches and islands scattered across Central America then Mexico has everything for you. It is cheap and is simply just across the lawn from the US. There are no heavy requirements to enter the country. You can even drive through the border to make things unique especially if you are. living at the south end of the country.

You can visit different ancient ruins from civilizations from long ago. Other than that, you can also enjoy the authentic food and the culture that has been around for more than half a millennium.

2. Thailand

It remains one of the most exotic choices for cheap honeymoon locations. Thailand has everything. From Asian cuisine to beautiful pristine beaches, there are more places to go in Thailand than any other country.

The country also offers top-notch service for people who want to spend quality time together. There are several international hotel chains that are able to cater to the standards. Places to go include beach resorts down south and a few other historical sites.

3. Kenya

Another great honeymoon destination that is not heavy on the budget is Kenya. This eastern African nation has been home to one of the best natural reserves all over the world.

You can experience driving through the vast African terrain and experience wild animals roaming around with you. There is also the food and the culture left to be explored as well as different locales to see.

4. California/Florida

If going abroad is too much then try going local. There are still hundreds of tropical white sand beaches found in either California or Florida that you can go to and experience.

People from these states are very laidback and enjoy the scenery as much as any other tropical island country.

5. India/Sri Lanka

If you want to have an authentic experience with a very different culture, then going to India or Sri Lanka is the best possible way to enjoy your honeymoon trip. Both countries have a rich and deep tradition that any foreigner can enjoy learning.

The food is great. There are hundreds of amazing places to go to even if you are on a budget. Taj Mahal is just one of the places you should go to before you die.

These are just a few of the top honeymoon destinations that do not require a lot of money. All you need to do is to seek a travel agency that provides you with everything you need once you land on your destination. These honeymoon destinations are cheap but the experience you get as a newly married couple is quite unique.

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