Top 5 Signs You Need To Get Out More

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Have you ever thought of yourself of staying in for the night, especially during the weekends? Sometimes, we tend to stay at home even if our friends are out partying all night. But, it is a bit unhealthy for you, especially if you go for months without getting out of your own home. Social interactions and relationships should be reinforced every now and then. There are a lot of ways for you to be out there and become a social butterfly or at the very least reconnect with your friends. If you don’t, you become a hermit without any friends or family. Here are the top 5 signs that you need to go out.

1. A Case of Familiarity

A good sign that you need to go out once in a while is when your pizza delivery guy knows you by your first name. This can be a variety of things such as your newest neighbor knowing you by your first name or anyone you barely knew that is in close proximity to your home now becomes your closest friend.

Although it is good to be close with your neighbors, getting a case of familiarity will tell you that you ought to need to go out a little bit more to know more than the people surrounding your home.

2. New Version of a Night Out

Before, your definition of a night out is out drinking with friends and getting wasted and hitting the bed right before sunrise. If your definition of night out becomes a date night with your old DVD or a night of stargazing with your pets, you need to revert your definition of a night out.

Even old people tend to go out once in a while. This does not mean that you are getting older. Instead, it means you are slowly becoming an old soul.

3. Spending Too Much Time on Facebook

Years ago, the best way to keep up with friends is to actually meet them and have a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop. Now, more and more people tend to connect with their friends through social media like Facebook. It may be a good way to communicate with your friends online but nothing beats meeting them physically and share a few laughs with them over a cup of coffee.

Go ahead and invite them over if you cannot leave your home or you can always set a date with them where you are free and they are not busy.

4. A Sudden Increase of Bills to Pay

When you suddenly realize that your monthly bills have increased, it is time that you should get out more. A sudden increase in phone bills, internet, and electric bills can be a warning sign that you are spending way more time inside your home than outside.

Try spending a few days getting out in front of the computer and go outside for a walk. It can be healthy for your body and for your wallet.

5. Waking Up on Your Couch

The moment you find yourself waking up at the couch with food still on your hands is the moment that should help you realize that you have no social life whatsoever.

The time has come that you need to have friends and that you need to have a social life.

These are just a few of the things that you should realize before you become a hermit. These things are your warning signs that you need to get your social life back. There is nothing wrong with going out with your friends or family once in a while, but there is seriously wrong if months have passed and you are still inside your home without any communication from the outside world.

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