Top 5 Husband Issues That Can Affect Your Marriage

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Getting a happily ever after doesn’t happen after you get married. In fact, marriage is the start of a journey that is bound to make the relationship stronger or gear towards its downfall. Even if you vowed to be together ‘for better or worse,’ there is no assurance that the love of your life is the best man around once you start to deal with these issues.

1. He’s an Addict

We all know that too much of anything can be addicting. Whether he’s into alcohol, drugs, or even the need to keep up with the latest gadgets, dealing with a husband who has addiction issues can be difficult, especially when he refuses to admit that he has a problem.

And this can be a danger zone for both of you because the more you nag about him having to seek professional help, the more he’ll deny and hide about his issues.

2. He’s a Gambler

There’s nothing wrong with gambling and having fun once in a while. But when your life savings and even your house and lot are at stake, then there’s a problem. You wouldn’t want your entire money being allotted for payment of debts.

You need to sort this out with your husband as soon as possible, especially when the future of your family and your financial needs are on the line.

3. He’s Addicted to Sex

Most men would think that since you’re married, you can do anything when it comes to sex. While adding up a little twist in your usual routine wouldn’t hurt, problems arise when he starts to impose on something and forces you to do it which starts to hurt you even down there.

In fact, marital rape is common among married couples these days so before it goes out of hand, deal with the issue immediately.

4. He’s a Cheater

Temptations are very common these days. While infidelity is not solely the man’s fault, being with someone you can’t trust and knowing that your man is someone who can’t stay faithful to you really hurts and can definitely ruin your marriage.

Plus, it’s difficult to rebuild trust and respect when you know very well he is capable of hurting you.

5. He Hurts You, Physically and Mentally.

Hitting you once, fine. But when it becomes a routine where he constantly abuses you and hurts you with words, then there is a need to stand up for yourself this time, otherwise you’ll be caught up in a situation where it may be difficult to get out.

The Battered Wife Syndrome. You don’t deserve to live and be with someone who doesn’t know how to respect you as a person.

Indeed, marriage involves a lot of trials. Husband issues such as these five need to be addressed and sorted out as early as possible in order to prevent further damage in the relationship.

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