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The general term used is called stereotyping in which it generalizes a group of certain people. One could say that each race has its traditional trait and characterization since ancient times. Japanese people are one of the most renowned races on earth and they have several known stereotypes. Their history and culture are just several aspects that make their race but they have several known characteristics.

1. Seafood Lovers

Japanese people are known to love a lot of seafood. Several of their known seafood dishes and delicacies are sushi, sashimi, fugu, and more. These are usually served raw but they also have several great seafood cuisines that are served cooked as well as snack items.

Since they do have a lot of interest in the seafood they are known to be great fishermen.

2. Hardworking and Honorable

Japanese people have great love for their work. It’s been a running joke that Japanese people have the tendency to bow whenever the business aspect is involved. They either utter the words moshi moshi (hello) or hai (yes). They strive for excellence with their work and produce products or deliver services with the highest quality. Since they are hardworking people being honorable as part of their repertoire. Since ancient times, Japanese people have known to show their honor during the feudal and Shogunate eras. It’s known that samurais consider death as their highest form of honor. In case their lords fall to the enemy.

Hara-kiri (suicide) is their last act of portraying their honor. One could argue that being honorable makes Japanese people very hardworking.

3. Masters of Machinery and Technology

It’s arguable but Japan is one of the leading countries in terms of high tech development. During the early 90’s Japan was one of the most developed countries in the world. They were developing several high powered vehicles, machinery, and ammunition  It didn’t change much going to the late ’90s as Japan would also come and make several advanced types of machinery They would also revolutionize several forms of electrical stimulation from multimedia entertainment to household items.

They have created several robots that have been tasked with doing several heavy and dangerous works.

4. Close Family Ties

Japan like most Asian countries has a close connection with family. They take pride in their relationships and family happens to be one of them. That’s not to say that every Japanese family is perfect but they do display a general love for each other. Taking into consideration that Japanese people are honorable, the ties of family extend further. There are some Japanese families that still follow the traditional branching of family members. This means that there is the main branch of the family with other members making up the lower branch.

The lower branch may be considered being similar to second class citizens but that’s not to say that they are totally neglected by the other members. Family is indeed important and Japanese people are a few that display it.

5. They are Bizarre and Weird

Setting aside their positive traits and general characterizations, Japanese people are known to be bizarre. Perhaps bizarre is just one word but you could also include the words funny and weird to describe them. Japanese people are known for doing several bizarre stuff involving public or multimedia activities. There is a common phrase online being used such as “What the hell Japan?” due to several images being seen. A perfect example would be game shows. They have some of the most bizarre types of game shows involving several aspects of humiliation or pain. If you’ve seen several Japanese media like anime or manga, several recurring jokes are kind of weird.

Being bizarre and weird may sound like a negative factor but if you’ve seen a lot of Japanese materials you wouldn’t be so surprised with their antics.

The people of Japan have a lot of good and yet bad stereotypes at the same time. It’s just natural for them to be that way since they’re just people. In a nutshell, Japanese people are hardworking, honorable, and family loving but at the same time weird and just plain bizarre. It just goes to show that good or bad stereotyping can be generally good at least most of the time.

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