Top 5 Ways to Prevent Your Spouse from Cheating

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Being married is a dream come true for most women. Oftentimes, women would dream of falling in love with their prince charming, getting married, having kids, and living comfortably. Unfortunately, this does not happen all the time. There will come a time that obstacles will happen that would prevent a woman’s happy ever after, the most common of which is cheating.

There are a lot of reasons why a man would cheat. Although it’s not always the man’s fault all the time, there are certain situations that would make even the most loyal married man in the world succumb to the temptation. To avoid this from happening and ruining your marriage, here are some ways to assure your man’s fidelity.

1. Spend Quality Time Together

Quality time does not always have to be sex. Spending time together may mean a simple coffee date where the two of you can just hang out, and talk about anything or eat out in a restaurant once in a while.

And women should let her man speak out too, don’t go talking about yourself all the time.

2. Don’t Forget to Still Take Care of Yourself

Men would often reason out that they cheat because you’ve just taken yourself for granted. You don’t get facials anymore, you don’t exercise that much and you even got a growing crown of white hair that is just “dying” to get hair treatments. Women often forget that even if the two of you are already married, you still have to stay beautiful not just for your husband, but also for yourself. Men really enjoy it when other men stare at his date.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your husband still shows you off even after many years of marriage?

3. Spice Up Your Sex Life

Part of being married is the need to be intimate with each other. But as you go along, sex becomes boring or routine. At times, wives forget that sex or at least being intimate with each other plays a vital role in a couple’s relationship. Great sex often equates to a great relationship. You don’t have to do what those people in adult videos are doing. Just experiment as a couple or try out different positions once in a while.

You can even schedule a “session” for that. Remember that when a man doesn’t get enough sex from his wife, there is a tendency to look for it from someone else.

4. As Much as Possible, Don’t Nag

Women have the tendency to nag – how he forgot to flush the toilet, why he bought the wrong diaper brand or why he didn’t buy what’s written on the grocery list. And the most annoying part is that women can’t just let it go. Men hate it when you nag them. It can lead to your husband despising you or even avoid conversations with you.

Nagging wives are one of the major reasons why men cheat. After a long day at work, men just want to go home, relax, have a good meal, and of course SEX.

5. Never Hurt a Man’s Ego

Men are simply egoistic beings who at times, strive to be superior. Hence, hurting a man’s ego can cause a lot of problems in your relationship. Believe it or not, men would also want to feel admired since it can ego booster for your husband to know that you feel lucky having him in your life. There are certain things and issues that would certainly hurt a man’s ego such as his performance in bed, telling him that he’s worthless or rubbing in his face that you are more successful than him. If a man feels as if he is worthless in your eyes, he is going to seek admiration or a sense of self-worth from someone else.

There is no better ego booster for a man than successfully luring another woman in bed, thus resorting to cheating to fill in the void of self-worth that his wife can’t give him.

Trust is a vital component in all kinds of relationships. Without trust, your relationship together as a couple will go nowhere. That’s why as much as possible, take care of that trust by remembering that once upon a time, there is a reason why the two of you got married.

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