Top 5 Tips in Getting Over Your Ex

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It is never easy to get over someone you loved. Most of the time, we tell ourselves after weeks or months of saying that we have gotten over our ex but in reality, we still think about them every second of the day. Getting over someone takes a lot of time and effort. It will be very exhausting for you both emotionally and physically but hopefully, the result would be worth it.

Many of us say that we need to get over someone fast but there is no time table as to how you can get over your ex. It just happens. And when it does, you get that immense feeling of satisfaction and epiphany that you have finally gotten over yourself with your ex. So, before you reach that level of realization, here are the top 5 tips on how to get over your ex.

1. Stop Being in Denial

The hardest and most crucial part of getting over your ex in the next few days to weeks after the breakup. You will have that intense urge to call him or be with him and forgive him for what he has done to you. You will still feel a lot of lingering emotions. In the end, you will find yourself in denial that you have broken up with your ex. Most people tend to fall into this dead end. They will never be able to get over their ex if they keep on denying that it is over.

Tell yourself over and over again that they are not coming back. You need to understand that the relationship is over.

Do not keep yourself in the dark just because you do not want to feel the hurt. Accept the fact that you are no longer connected to each other.

2. Feel What You Need to Feel

The next stage is probably the second most difficult of all. After you have finally accepted that the relationship is over, it is time for you to try and move on. But first, you need to let those bottled emotions go. Set a day with your friends and tell them that you want to do whatever it is that you want to do and hope that they would understand. Let them know that they are there to help you and guide you.

This is the right time for you to gather your friends and enjoy their company. You can talk to them to let your emotions out. Tell them that you still love the person if you still do but also tell them that you need their help in getting over your ex.

Feel whatever it is that you want to feel. Let your emotions out until you do not feel the hurt anymore.

3. Reconnect with People that Matter

This is the best time for you to reconnect with lost friends or even get yourself a new one. This is the time that you go out but not on a date but to enjoy yourself. Avoid jumping over to the next person you date. It will lead to even more heartbreak. Try to spend more time with the people that matter to you. Have a family reunion or go on a vacation with friends even for just the weekend.

This is the most crucial time for you. Keep yourself busy so that you will not have to think about your past relationship.

Do not let yourself be alone. Have your friends stay over and enjoy their company. Tell your family that you want to spend time with them. They will surely appreciate it.

4. Time to Move On

Remove all the things that will help you remember your past relationship. Throw away all the pictures and all the memorabilia that you have gathered for the entire relationship. It will be tricky for you if you feel that all those things will go to waste especially the memories.

But, you have to think about the past relationship.

It is all in the past right now and you cannot have it back. You might as well turn over a new chapter in your life and begin to create more wonderful memories with your next relationship.

5. Learn From Your Mistakes

There will always be someone who made the mistake when a relationship ends. It can be one of you or it can be both. Most of the time, it is both partners that have made a mistake. By then, you should already realize your mistake and learn from it.

Avoid making the same mistakes in the next relationship but do not be obsessed with making things right again. Just be yourself but be at your wisest.

We all go through a tough time when our relationship ends. It is very difficult for someone to get over their ex but it does not mean that it is impossible to do. It all takes time to simply heal all the wounds of the past. Time can help you mend the broken pieces and it is only you who can tell whether you have finally moved on or not.

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