Top 5 Reasons to be Single in life

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There is this one very famous saying about how each and every one of us has our own respective counterparts or mate somewhere in this world. And therefore, we spent all our lives waiting and preparing for that moment when you finally get to meet them, which often end up raising false alarms and mistakes along with that long search and wait.

Do you want some good reasons why you have got to stay single? Here they are.

1. Stay Healthy

It’s true, that many married couple tend to forget to manage their bodies, keep track of what they eat, and what their respective weights are. The thought of having someone who loves them and will love them forever usually is the main reason for this. They spend most of their time cooking and eating, sometimes they are even too busy to do some exercise or a visit to the gym.

True, single people are thinner and generally healthier.

2. A Much Better Career

The cost of living on your own and funding for your own everyday lifestyle could be pretty much pricey compared to having a partner to help you with all the expenses. But being single, you’ll definitely be moving your ranks faster on your own because you can work late without any worries and there’s no need to ask your partner’s approval to actually accept the offer or go out for a drink with your boss or colleagues after work.

In short, wipe out any holdbacks and climb up the ladder to success.

3. Sleep When You Want To

We have our own different body clocks, but when you are in a relationship, you must keep up with your partner. If you are the type who sleeps around 4 a.m. in the morning and then prefer sleeping in the afternoon, then being in a relationship will be hard to keep up with.

But when you are single, you can sleep when you feel like it without having to deal with your partner wondering what you are up to.

4. Decide on Your Own

Being single, you are free to enjoy anything and everything without asking anybody’s permission.

You may go out late when invited to a last-minute invitation to a party or go out late with friends for dinner, whatever it is you choose to do, the decision lies solely in you. You can enjoy the moments and things you’ve always wanted to do.

5. No Sudden House Cleaning

When in a relationship, visits often happen. But when you are single, you don’t need to forcibly do cleaning just because your partner is coming over.

Somehow, when you are in a relationship, having a clean house is important because it shows who you are as a person.

Single or not, it is our choice. Fate does not decide who and what we should or could be because after all, we create our own destiny.

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