Top 5 Reasons It’s Time to Dump Him

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A lot of girls have been in relationships with men who would not often meet their expectations. They may even find themselves with someone who just can live up to the hype while they are still dating. During the early phase, he would show all the positive things about him and is often careful with his choice of words and treat you nicely. Men would simply say the things you would want to hear, act as if he’s the man of your dreams, but when the two of you have finally decided to take your relationship to another level, that facade of perfection and being your ideal man gradually fades away. Until finally, you see the real him – full of deceit and manipulation.

There’s no point in sticking with your man if that’s the case. Instead of prolonging your agony, save yourself and get out of the relationship immediately. When you are unsure, check out these five main reasons when it’s time to dump your man.

1. You Just Can’t Get Along

You just don’t agree on anything, or he just bores you out in your conversations or you simply don’t enjoy the company of each other anymore. When the two of you have been to lots of fights lately and being together becomes suffocating, then it’s time to break up.

Again, you don’t have to force yourself to be in a relationship if you two are not growing together.

2. Lack of Time

Can you imagine being with someone you rarely see? Even those in a long-distance relationship find time to talk through Skype just so they can talk and spend time together even if they’re miles apart. When you start not to care and just let the two of your drift apart, something is wrong.

Spending some time together is essential in every relationship. It doesn’t matter whether you always go out or just stay at home and watch DVDs. The important thing is that you two are together, enjoying the company of each other.

3. Lack of Chemistry in Bed

Physical intimacy is important in every relationship. If there’s something wrong whenever you do it, then it might be a sign that you are not compatible with each other.

Don’t take sex for granted. It’s hard to be with someone you can’t even be intimate with.

4. Lack of Drive to Succeed in Life

When a guy has not set his long term goals or he is contented with what he has right now and has no intention of succeeding in life, you better start thinking. What is he up to anyway? You don’t want to build a future with someone who has no drive to succeed.

It only shows that your future together is a blur because even he has no idea of what to do later in his life, and he doesn’t even care about it.

5. He’s a Cheater

If a man truly cares about you and appreciates what he has, he’s not going to risk losing you. Girls have to be treated like precious gems that guys would not want to lose. But if your man keeps giving you the reason that he’s got to do something else, keeps canceling your dates, and simply doesn’t have time for you, then dump him.

There’s a possibility that he’s seeing someone else. Don’t be in a relationship when the two of you rarely even spend quality time together.

Being in a relationship with someone is a different kind of feeling. But when things started to change and everything else is falling apart, just get out of it. You deserve someone better.

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