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Have you ever felt like you are alone in this world? Like you have no one to be with, you have no one to lean on and there’s no one to comfort you when you are down and most depressed? Then, here’s the thing. Why not adopt or own a pet?

Here is the list of the top five household pets you can have.

1. Dog

Dogs or most commonly known as “a man’s best friend”, is the easiest and most famous companion you could have.

They are not only loyal and protective, but they could also be very helpful when trained and tamed properly. They are said to be able to sense when a person is feeling down or depressed and therefore automatically gives them the idea of comforting their respective owners. Dogs have a lot of breeds to choose from; from big to small, from furry to hairless, you name it. There are a lot of options to choose from.

2. Cat

Now cats are known to be very delicate, very elegant, and most of all, very clingy to their masters. But unlike dogs, cats cannot be trained to be useful or helpful to their owners.

They simply are what they are, just pure cats that clean themselves feeds, and then go straight to sleep; although cats are very entertaining when they are in their own playful moods. They play with anything and everything that moves.

3. Fish

Fishes, unlike cats and dogs, cannot be played with. Usually, mature people are the ones who choose to have this kind of companion.

Although fishes aren’t playful or helpful at all, they are very fun to watch and to take care of. The joy of watching them grow and sometimes, multiply is good enough for a person who owns this type of pet. Now fishes quite a range of options to choose from; from small to big, from colorful to one shaded, from cute to vicious-looking ones, you name it.

4. Bird

Birds are very entertaining and very much melodious. They are just some of the few easy-going pets that you may want to have. They are usually kept on cages to restrain them from flying elsewhere.

You could just watch them all day and be comforted by the angelic music they could possibly produce.

5. Hamster

Now hamsters are very small pets that could grow really big and fat. These pets are usually caged as well as to avoid getting away or worst, being eaten by other animals.

These adorable little creatures might just be the perfect companion for you.

In a world where it is hard for you to trust someone, to be with someone, thankfully there are pets to be with. They are the best companion and quite possibly your best friend in this entire world. They may not be able to talk like any other human being can, but they could give you comfort just by staying with you; they could make you smile just by being silly and stuff.

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