Top 5 Philosophers Who Helped Change the World

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During the start of the world, people do not really know anything about the different things about the world. However, there are different people who made it a point to spend their lifetime searching for meaning. These people are the ones who have started to create theories that are very important in shaping the different aspects of learning. These people who have started to think about the different things that are affecting the world are called philosophers. With the help of these different philosophers, the world of mathematics, philosophy, and religion are now clearer. The different theories that the philosophers were able to develop were used to create a better world. When you are going to school, you will notice that the different theories that the philosophers have created are being discussed. This is because these theories are the foundation of modern knowledge.

There are many philosophers who helped mold the world. However, there are some who have introduced theories and beliefs that are very helpful in music, philosophy, religion, and government. With the help of the different philosophers that are listed below, there are different ideas that were created in order to make sure that the government and the people are going to live in accordance with what is right.

1. Rene Descartes

This philosopher who was able to live from 1596-1650 is the father of modern philosophy. He was the one who created a theological doctrine about the immortality of the soul. According to him the mind the body are two different entities. He believed that the mind has the ability to think on its own. This means that every person has a distinctive ability to think for him or herself.

This is a theory that became a basis of different leaders who believe that people can think on their own and they have the ability to choose their actions. Rene Descartes believes that when God created the world, he separated the body and the mind. The substance in the world is divided into two. This philosopher is also a mathematician and he is a member of the noble family.

2. Confucius

When it comes to the rules of leadership, this philosopher is known to be one of the most influential. To start with, Confucius is a Chinese philosopher. He also spent his life teaching during his life in 551 BC. He is also someone who came from a noble family in China. One of the best teachings that he was able to impart is the importance of being right. He believes that leaders should stand in front of their subjects in such a way that they are setting things right. This is the perfect way to make a society that is perfect.

According to him, you can be a good leader by setting an example. If you want to make the people know about what is right, you have to make sure that they are seeing it in your actions and your way of life. If people see that you are a great example of what you preach, they will never think about going against what is right.

3. Aristotle

One of the very few people who have helped make the world a more understandable place for everyone is Aristotle. He is considered the major contributor to modern philosophy. He is one of those philosophies who have made a great move in molding philosophy and kingship. These different contributions that he was able to give to humanity is something that made him one of the most valued philosophers. Aristotle is also one of the philosophers who made it a point to study the connection of the mind the body.

He believed that the body is just a temporary place where the soul lies. He also believed in the Supreme Being who is God. According to his theory, God has created a substance that is imperishable that makes up the heavenly bodies.

4. Plato

Plato is one of the philosophers who were able to contribute to different fields such as mathematics, science, and philosophy. He was able to secure copies of his dialogues with other philosophers like Socrates. Within these dialogues, it was said that there are different theories that Plato has created about arts, music, dance, and philosophy. During their time, people have started to think about the different entities in the world. With the help of Plato and other philosophers, different theories that are needed in the different aspects of life.

He also touched on the sensitive topic of religious philosophy. He was able to discuss different topics on atheism. One of the most important things that he was able to contribute is his discussion on ethics. His different thoughts are being used in different schools and universities as a foundation of learning.

5. Pythagoras

Pythagoras is the philosopher who has contributed much to mathematics. He is the philosopher who believed that everything on the earth could be connected to numbers and mathematics. According to him, everything in the world has a select number. His contributions to the world of mathematics are something that is very important in the modern world. There are other things that he believed in that are still being used until now. He also believed that the celestial bodies are moving in such a way that they are creating music. He called this movement the music of the spheres.

One of his beliefs that he was able to pass on to different generations is the belief about spiritual purification. He believed that the human soul is destined to be with the Supreme Being. After a person’s life, he believed that the soul is going to be with the Divine God.

With the help of the different philosophers that are presented above, people nowadays have more understanding of the different things that are happening around us. The connection of the person, the soul, and a Supreme Being is one thing that these different philosophers were able to clear out.

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