Top 5 Weirdest Restaurants in the World

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Engaging in the food business has come a long way. Restaurants have become not just a venue for celebrations of any occasions but also a leisure facility where people can eat good food and have a good laugh. Most restaurants offer something different that will set them apart from the rest. Aside from the type of cuisine it serves, restaurants also have a theme, as seen in the architectural and interior design of the place.

At present, eating out is not just about having a taste of good food. Restaurants today are more than that. Thanks to modernization, business owners are constantly coming up with unique and at times unusual themes that are incorporated in their restaurants. And because of its uniqueness, it’s no wonder a lot of people all over the world are flocking in these places that have become a tourist attraction.

Take a peek at 5 of the weirdest restaurants in the world.

 1. ‘s Baggers, Germany

“No more rude waiters” – this is the first thing that will come into your mind when you visit ‘s Baggers in Nuremberg, Germany. As soon as you step inside, you feel like there’s a miniature rollercoaster surrounding you. Everything in there is automated. Customers can order food using a touch screen system, then the orders will be registered in the kitchen upstairs and after preparation and cooking, the food will be delivered through the metallic tracks directly on the table. Even in terms of payment, they’ll just debit your card at the end of the month, so you can come and go without bringing money with you when you dine in. But don’t worry, the food is freshly prepared with no preservatives, flavor enhancers, and glutamate without compromising its quality. And despite its futuristic concept, the restaurant will give you nothing but a cozy and relaxing ambiance, perfect for you and your loved ones.

And even more, surprising, the restaurant’s owner, Michael Mack, has no experience in running a restaurant. Fortunately for him, his venture, which turns out to be the world’s first fully automated and ordering table service, was a success.

2. A380 In-Flight Kitchen, Taiwan

If you can’t get enough of planes or if you’re someone who hasn’t experienced riding one, then this restaurant is perfect for you. Named after the largest passenger airline in the world, A380 In-Flight Kitchen will give you a feeling that you’re inside the plane, without having to leave the country or going through airport security. Customers, or passengers, will be seated according to class – first class, business class, or economy class. Then they will be seated in blue chairs that resemble airplane seats complete with headrest and the “airline’s” logo.

Waitresses, or stewardesses, will take your order and deliver it using the metal trolleys found in planes. And to complete the experience, there are oval-shaped windows and baggage compartments that will make you feel you’re inside an airplane.

3. Dinner in the Sky, Belgium

Ever dreamed of experiencing what it feels like to be on top? If you’re not afraid of heights or you simply want to enjoy a magnificent view from a different perspective, then you will enjoy Dinner in the Sky. This unique dining experience started in Belgium in 2004 by businessman David Ghysles. Today, the concept is available in more than 35 countries and continues to give its customers a different kind of experience while ensuring exclusivity and safety.

A group of 22 people strapped in the chairs can accommodate one table while suspended 50 meters above the ground. A chef, waiter, and entertainer will also join the customers that will provide quality service even if they’re up in the air. Customers can even rent for 8 hours straight or divide it into hours according to its preference in order to have room for more people.

4. Cannibal Restaurant, Japan

If you’ve heard of ‘Nyotaimori’ or the female body plate, where a live woman lies naked with all the sushi splattered in her body, then wait until you try the cannibal sushi restaurants in Japan. Instead of using a naked woman, the chef prepares the food and place it inside a woman’s body (don’t worry, the human body is made of food too).

Then the body will be placed on an ‘operating table’ where diners can operate and open any part of the body in order to get the food, which looks like the organs, that are completely edible. And since a red blood sauce was embedded on the layer of the skin, it’s as if the body is bleeding realistically as you cut through its body, giving you a cannibalistic banquet experience.

5. Modern Toilet, Taiwan

A unique bathroom-themed restaurant that is slowly making raves all throughout Asia, Modern Toilet started in May 2004 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Wang Zi Wei, owner of Modern Toilet got the inspiration while reading a manga, Dr. Slump, who loves to “play with poop and swirl it on a stick.” 

At first, the restaurant offered chocolate ice cream placed in a squat toilet. Because of the restaurant’s success, the owner decided to expand its business and from being an ice cream store, it became a full-fledged restaurant, complete with the bathroom ambiance – toilet seats served as chairs, glass-covered sinks as the restaurant’s tables and foods and drinks served in plates and bowls that are designed like urinals. And of course, the miniature urinals where the drinks are placed can also be taken home as souvenirs.

With its increasing popularity, Modern Toilet continues to expand with 12 and still increasing branches, scattered all over Asia.

Weird, right? These are only a few of the many weird restaurants scattered all over the world. If you’re up for a unique dining experience, then don’t forget to visit any of these places when you happen to be around their country.

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