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Advertisements and commercials are known for introducing a product to its selected market. There are various types of advertisements ranging from television, radio, newspapers, flyers, posters, bulletins, billboards, the internet, and many more. Advertising has always been a means to promote a product in order for it to sell like hotcakes. The most popular form of advertisement is known to be the television version considering that television ads have been around for a long time. Whereas internet advertisements have just been around in recent years but they have the same overall purpose. There are also various purposes and uses of advertisements that aren’t just limited to selling or introducing the product. These purposes also aren’t just limited to the costumers’ benefits but to other people involved with the said advertisement as well. Knowing these benefits gives us a better appreciation for these commercials.

1. To Introduce and Sell the Product

Let’s get the ball rolling with the main use of advertising which is to introduce and sell the product to its target market. This is no doubt the main purpose of advertisements as this gives people an insight or introduction to the said product. The normal flow of a television advertisement consists of the name of the product along with its features as well as some other side entertainment. Advertising through other forms of media like the paper approach usually results in a simple ad method but the purpose still remains the same.

The more people know of the product results in more people buying the product. Then, of course, there is the possibility of spreading through word of mouth how good the product is resulting in more products getting sold.

2. A Couple of Laughs and Entertainment

The motion types of advertisements such as the internet and television have a certain edge and that is on how these new and upcoming products are presented. It’s undeniable that there have been a lot of memorable commercials because of how they are presented. The majority of these commercials are usually attuned to comedy which makes them memorable. One example would be a beer commercial where a guy tries to seduce some ladies by putting a seashell on his ear saying that he hears the ocean.

In the end, a hermit crab lives in the shell and pinches his ear resulting in him being alone and drinking beer. The uniqueness and concepts of these advertisements make them more funny and memorable.

3. It Launches Careers and Personalities

Since some commercials despite its form uses models to endorse them. Products that are endorsed by huge celebrities are definitely a plus point. Considering celebrities already have fame and notoriety, then they’re huge fan following will support their endorsements. Then there are those that are lesser-known models that endorse these products. It’s undeniable that a lot of celebrities and personalities had their careers started and launched through advertisements.

This is considering that lesser or new actors usually get paid less and they are willing to do these commercials for less. Their exposures get to be a possible start for their television or even movie career even if it’s just a cameo appearance.

4. It Provides Work and Opportunities

Advertisements may have the models and the products but there are also the people behind the commercials. There are a lot of people behind these advertisements and their work may vary. Let’s start off with the actual people conceptualizing the ad who are people working in ad agencies. Then there’s the possible model that will be used to promote the product. Then when shooting the commercial there are the director, cameraman, stagehands, prop hands hairs stylist, and many more.

If the commercial isn’t a television adaptation then there are those that work with the presses or publications. Whatever the type of work they do as long as they are involved with the ad then that’s a sign wherein advertising provides a certain type of work for a person.

5. They Provide Sponsorship

This is the best use of advertising which benefits the third party really well. Sponsorship is the key to keeping something ongoing. Considering that these companies pay a lot of money to buy air rights then television companies can profit from these. The usual investment that these television companies do from these profits goes to their own made television series. Advertising sponsorship isn’t limited to television as certain internet websites are sponsored through advertisements and product placements. These sponsorships keep the website alive through their financial support. Granted that maintaining a website is relatively cheap, the advertising that the products can get is exponential considering that these sites can be accessed worldwide.

Sponsorship also includes several non-media related items. The perfect example would be an independent sport athlete getting sponsorship from a corporation to compete in certain events. This is provided that the said athlete wears or endorses the products or company being advertised.

Advertising despite some people considering them to be a nuisance, they still have their purposes. Advertising can be beneficial not only to the company selling but to any of the people involved with the said ad.

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