Top 5 Most Exclusive Clubs in the World

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Exclusive clubs are available and security is pretty tight however, it is also very expensive. Clubs that are for members only have a high membership fee and only the rich and the privileged are the only ones who can step foot in these places. All over the world, there are clubs scattered for those who can afford it. Exclusive clubs are impossible to crash unless you tag along with important personalities. You can be sure that everyone who gets in the building and leaves it is members only and has a high profile. Here is the list of the top five most expensive clubs in the whole world.

1. Cloud 9 (Hilton)

Hilton hotels always have the greatest reputation and Hilton Prague is one of the classic ones. In fact, it is the largest of all the five-star hotels found in the Czech Republic. A party area is an exceptional place you can visit especially if you belong to the elite world. Cloud 9 sky bar and lounge can hold as much as 160 people and it is situated at the rooftop of the hotel.

It has the perfect view of the stunning beauty of the city and remarkable selections of wines and alcoholic beverages. This is the reason why the glorified rich and famous only party at Cloud 9.

2. D`Lux

If you are somewhere in Ukraine then you should know D’Lux. The main club for the known elite members of society huddle plays and enjoy. Since 1939, it has been the favorite place for the important people in Ukraine. When you talk about great entertainment with class, D’Lux is the first word that comes out. You can expect a total experience from sumptuous culinary dishes to extreme party experiences. Guests have their taste of delicious cuisine prepared by internationally acclaimed chefs at The Park. The club’s elegant dining area which can seat at least 150 guests. For those who want to have a private, cozy, and relaxing drink, they can proceed to the Lounge Bar where only the exceptional music is chosen to provide the right ambiance for the guests. People who only want to “chill” and be comfortable with soothing music usually stay in this area.

Now, if the party experience is what you are looking for, D’Lux’s Nightclub can give you the most exciting party there is. Everyone can have a blast on the dance floor or simply enjoy live shows until everyone is out of energy. Accommodation on the dance floor is up to a thousand people.

3. Project Club

London is the place for top fashion, high standard sophistication, and top of the line enjoyment. In this part of the world, the most famous exclusive club in the busiest spot stands Project club. Partygoers are always up and about in this fabulous place especially when the West End venue was transformed into a chic party place. There are also VIP sections for those who want to have a little privacy and listen to their own choice of music international DJ’s play for them.

Only 330 guests can be accommodated so for those who want to have a taste of Project Club’s house music, arriving before midnight is the best time.

4. Billionaire Club

Basing on the name itself, anyone who gets in will truly feel how it is to be a billionaire because of how luxurious the place is. Situated in the midst of the financial district of Istanbul, Turkey, inside the impressive “The Istanbul Edition Hotel”. Those who visit the hotel can also dine and wine at the reputed Cipriani Restaurant before preceding somewhere else. The VIP rooms have a see-through panel that has a marvelous view of the groovy dance floor.

Not one questions its sleek ambiance and remarkable choice of music which clearly shows that each one that goes inside the Billionaire Club comes out with a great deal of satisfaction.

5. Sankeys

Tagged as the World’s Best Club in 2010 by DJ Mag readers, the great honor surely fits Sankeys. Everyone in the UK flocks over to the outstanding club for years since it first opened up until now because its high standards have never fluctuated. Over the years Sankeys provided party people the newest music, the most innovative and state of the art sound system, and the most incredible and modern lighting to make sure they have the greatest experience until sunrise.

All throughout the world, there is no other club that can be compared to what one can experience in Sankeys especially after they were voted the world’s best. Expansions and improvements are constantly made to make sure they continue to give their public what they want.

Club hopping can really be enjoyable especially if you jump from one fabulous club to a more amazing one. Much more if you can hop from the fifth placer on this list up to the first one. They have earned an astonishing reputation because of their undying desire to provide their patrons with the kind of enjoyment they want. The rich and the famous do have higher standards compared to the regular ones that it why these clubs are always improving their service to make sure the “it” crowd remains their visitors. It is a constant challenge that is hard to maintain but because of their years of experience and untiring dedication, they are able to keep up with the rest of their competition, even excel.

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