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Education is one of the key things that a person should own. Granted that education isn’t something that is easily gained but once you do, you get to treasure it for a long time. Then again if one were to take a complete education they have to spend nearly 2 decades to do so. Each country has their individual education plan and structure. The usual structure usually involves an optional nursery then followed by preschool. Then it is followed by 6 or more years of elementary then 4 or more years of high school while some countries have middle schools. Then after graduating high school, people are already legible for work or they can pursue college or more education. School and education is one thing but it’s undeniable that some students hate several subjects in school. That’s because these subjects are either hard or boring. Each person has their own favorite and hated subjects but there are subjects in a general form that take top spots as being the most hated subjects by students.

1. Economics

Economics is a subject that involves a lot of variables. It involves cash flows and certain psychological stimulants. Economics itself is a broad subject thus making it very hard to understand. It is built upon so many elements that it makes the subject very dislikable. To give an insight, one topic you’re discussing the cycle of money then it connects to certain legal or political issues. Cash flows are hard enough but to connect it to a political aspect makes it even harder to understand.

Economics can come in various subcategories like home economics that involve certain home and livelihood activities. Economic subjects in college levels are harder and are consisted of more subcategories attuned to the interest and requirements of the student.

2. Language

Learning your native language can be a bit redundant but it makes you a better person towards your country. Learning a language from another country and race can be annoying for some. That’s because it would be hard to memorize and understand certain cultural words and literature. Then there are also people that don’t find the importance of learning another foreign language.

There are some that can think of learning languages that can be done outside of school as well. Then again the fact that you could learn another language heightens your appreciation for that said language. Then again it still doesn’t change the fact that learning languages can be hard and confusing.

3. History

History tends to repeat itself as they say. There’s also a running joke on how people who fail or pass a history subject tend to repeat their result in their next historical subject. History focuses on past events and important key moments in our timeline. History can be limited to national or world history. Learning one’s national history is a bit tricky considering that some facts can be deterred or different from each other. The only reliable source you can have is your officially issued history textbook. If you find your national history hard then you’ll find world history more disturbing and hard.

Then again the usual topics for world history are those affiliated with key moments. These events may be good or can be as bad as it can be. There are also some people that aren’t comfortable talking or tackling such as the infamous Holocaust event. Nevertheless, learning history is a key essential to appreciating one’s own culture.

4. Advance Science

Basic science subjects are fun. These types of sciences are usually into learning about plants, animals, planets, and anything else. One could say that basic science subjects are easy and fun that’s why some kids love them so much. Now as for advanced science it can be hard and confusing. Advanced science would include chemistry, physics, biology, and many more. The problem with advanced science is that it takes away the fun from the basic science subjects.

Let’s compare a basic science talking about the life cycle of a frog because that sounds fun and amazing to learn. Now go to the science of anatomy where you’re actually dissecting a frog. That wouldn’t be too fun to look at and it would be hard. Advanced science subjects come in various categories and they each vary in terms of their difficulty.

5. Mathematics

Math subjects no matter how simple or advanced they are will always be hard. It’s even evident in graduation ceremonies how math major graduates are only limited to a few people. Then again it would still depend on the school and students. The thing that makes math hard is that the sheer number of equations and computations that it requires.

People easily get bored just by looking at fractions and their complex nature. Math can be as confusing as well considering computing manually can result to various errors. Just keep in mind that basic math is hard enough then the advanced ones should be harder as well.

School and education are two things that go hand in hand. Then again not all people appreciate all the subjects that are given to them. It still is a requirement though so just bear with it until you finish school.

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