Top 5 Ways to Hide the Fact that You Can’t Swim

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Swimming is something that could be hard to accomplish. The person may be afraid to do so or just don’t have the time to take upon the act. Then again think of a situation where you get to go to the beach or the pool. Then you’re friends or family invite you in for a swim but the problem is that you can’t swim or you don’t know how to swim. If you’re a very proud person then the tendency is that you will lie to your teeth to save your image because you wouldn’t want to be embarrassed. There are those pesky people that will irritate you until you say yes to go for a swim. There are ways for you to avoid being humiliated by the fact that you can’t swim.

1. You Can Simply Say No or Humbly Decline

This one can’t be effective as much but as long as you execute it perfectly then you can get away with it. The technique is to humbly say no and decline the offer by the person to swim. If you do it humbly they’ll realize that you’re either busy or uninterested at the moment. You can also converse with another person to avoid getting invited or simply use that as a reason so that you don’t need to get in the water.

People who will ask you will humbly stop asking since you humbly declined their offer. If you answered in a suspicious kind of way then they would think you’re either hiding the fact you can’t swim or just you’re afraid of the water.

2. Take the Preemptive or Sneaky Approach

The best preemptive approach is to not go to the area in the first place but you’ll be missing out on a lot of things.  Instead of waiting for someone to ask you to swim, take the first step and ask them to go swimming first. The only downside about this is that if they do agree then you’re pretty much screwed but you can always take a sneaky approach. The sneaky approach is like striking when they least expect it. Like when you’re friends have just finished eating; then invite them to swim.

They will obviously decline it and you can make stuff up on how they’re buzz killers for not swimming. Then when they’re already ready to swim, you can make up stuff like how you’re no longer interested to swim but we really know the reason why.

3. Try to Do Something Else

If you’re at the pool then try to do some sitting down in style at the pool benches. You can also drink some cool stuff or just engage in conversation with someone. When you’re at the beach you can basically do a lot of different things aside from swimming. You can make sandcastles or sculptures are one thing. You can also engage in some physical or sports-related activities in the beach.

You could also try to do some things like reading or preparing up the grill. When someone asks you to go for a swim then you can easily decline and say “I’m busy” because they won’t be asking you twice unless they’re really annoying.

4. Try to Stay in the Shallow Areas

When you’re at the pool you can simply stay on the ladder or pool step areas. The advantages of pools are that you get to step and walk around in the swimming pools until you find your comfort zone. You can also do some weird swimming maneuvers and no one would care. When you’re at the beach you can also stay in the shallow areas or the shorelines. People will try to drag you out in the deeper areas of the sea but you can counter that.

Try splashing them with some water where this would spark some fun time in the shallow areas. This also removes any speculations that you can’t swim since you’re already in the water and seemingly having fun.

5. Try to be Funny or Use Flotation Devices

Children who wear flotation devices like a rubber tube, life supports, and anything else looks cute. Then again if an adult wears these things they may look a bit weird unless when you’re in a life and death situation where it wouldn’t really matter. This trick applies to both the pool and the beach but it can be a bit more challenging at the pool. The trick is to wear a lot of protective flotation devices but a rubber tube should be enough. When you’re in the water you don’t have to worry about any swimming maneuvers since the device just lets you float around the water.

The other key to this trick especially if you’re a grown-up is to be funny. Try to crack a joke of how you’re going to wear all these flotation devices and swim in the water. People will find it funny but the actuality is that you can’t really swim but you wouldn’t be caught anyway.

Swimming is indeed a sort of art that needs to be mastered. Then again if you’re swimming for fun and none professional reasons then you can basically swim like a freak as long as you feel content.

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