Top 5 of Most Beautiful Faces in Hollywood

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Hollywood is a haven of beautiful faces. Their faces are their ticket to success and more often than not, those who are gifted with beauty and talents are always the ones who get the lead roles. A lot of new celebrities emerged as years pass by and some of them made a mark with their charm. Some of those classic beauties remained in the limelight even after a number of newcomers arrived. They have maintained their beauty even after the years that have passed.

The glamor in Hollywood is what lured all wannabes to belong there. Women having great skins and gorgeous hair and voluptuous bodies. Not everyone realizes that they have a lot of sacrifices to do to make sure they keep their eternal look. The constant scrutinizing eyes that stare at them are what demand them to stay beautiful. And here are the women who top the list of Hollywood’s most beautiful faces.

1. Jessica Alba

Looking at those soulful big eyes and pout lips, Jessica always becomes a regular on any of the lists created. She has that certain look that sets her apart from the rest of the pretty faces in Hollywood.

Since she was 13, she has been visible and starred in a couple of good movies before she became one of the most sought after leading ladies of the silver screen.

2. Charlize Theron

She is one of the eternal beauties in Hollywood. She was the perfect lady to portray the role in the 1997’s The Devil’s Advocate which showcased her pretty face and her frontal nudity. After that movie, Charlize made a name for herself not just because of her beauty and what she showed but also made a reputation of being a remarkable actress.

Her acting was cited and earned her an Academy Award and was even noted by a film critic, Roger Ebert, as” the greatest performance in the history of cinema.

3. Salma Hayek

This Mexican beauty has the whole package and more. She has the perfect curves and with the sweetest smile along with her award-winning acting, it is no wonder why she remains one of the most sought after actress in Hollywood.

She is also a versatile actress who can portray a role no matter how complex it is making her one of those pretty faces that matters.

4. Adriana Lima

This beautiful face hadn’t starred in any movie yet but she constantly graces the cover of magazines. The supermodel was the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition and for sure all teenage boys are fantasizing over her beautiful face and voluptuous body.

She is also a Victoria Secret angel. Her best asset should be her eyes that are so deep that matches her sultry lips.

5. Scarlett Johansson

An unforgettable face with a great body. This natural blonde is not only showing off her face and body but also made her mark in the industry with her acting.

She is considered to be one of Hollywood’s gems because of her various talents including singing which earned her a Tony Award for her Theater performance.

Having a spot in Hollywood does not only require a face that can launch a thousand ships but also the talent to make your stay on that spot. In a place as huge as Hollywood where exceptional beauty is very common, it takes more than that before you can earn a place there. These remarkable beauties from the list have more than their assets to flaunt. They also have their astounding personalities and smart ways that are not common in Hollywood. All kinds of temptation lurk in this place and beauty will not last without the proper personal restraint. All of these ladies have that in them that is why they remained beautiful as ever.

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