Top 5 Unsolved Crimes of All Time

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Everyone loves a good mystery as proven by the popularity of crime-related dramas, movies, fiction, and even games. In dramas and other forms of media, we are given closure whenever the bad guy had been caught.

We can sleep soundly in bed knowing that there is no horrifying suspect moving around but in real life, crime rates present that only 7 out of 10 murderers are convicted. Now, here are the top five most famous unsolved crimes.

1. Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper will remain one of the most famous unsolved crimes and he even became the main subject of hundreds of books, articles, and even a play.

It was back in 1888 when Jack the Ripper killed five prostitutes by slashing their throats and mutilating their bodies. He then sent taunting letters to the police and calling himself “Jack the Ripper.” There were some suspects but none had been arrested.

2. Zodiac Killings

Zodiac’s killings had started back on December 20, 1968, when he shot a couple to death. He continued killing people which resulted in five deaths but a letter from the killer stated that he had actually caused 37 deaths in all with two surviving the attack. What made Zodiac popular is the way he sent letters to the police stating that they cannot catch him. A code is included in the letters with 408 symbols which will reveal the killer’s identity once cracked. This has caused a huge media sensation that a movie was even made with it.

Until now, the code remains unsolved and thus, the suspect is still not apprehended.

3. Tylenol Poisonings

Seven people had died in Chicago due to taking in Tylenol pills laced with cyanide back in 1982.

As Tylenol is a popular pain killer, it became a huge scare for everyone especially when the police drove around while announcing via loudspeakers not to take the medicine.

Unabomber Ted Kaczynski had been one of the suspects but he denied it and due to the results from the DNA, he had been cleared off the crime. Until now, the case remains open.

4. Black Dahlia

One of the most famous Hollywood murders happened on January 15, 1947, when Elizabeth Short, an actress, was found dead. Also known as Black Dahlia, Short’s body was cut in half and her blood was all drained. She also suffered deep gashes into each corner of her mouth. The crime became a huge sensation due to the location of the crime and the working together of the police and the media in order to catch the suspect.

Although many have confessed of doing it, all had been released due to the lack of evidence and until now, this case remains unsolved.

5. Jon Benet Ramsey

It was back on December 26, 1996, when John Ramsey found his 6-year old daughter died in the basement of their home. Eight hours prior to the finding, John received a ransom note asking for $118,000 in exchange for the safe return of his daughter. It was also stated in the letter that John and his family should not notify the police or their friends about the situation or else, it will lead to JonBenet’s immediate execution and her remains will not be seen anymore.

But the family called the police who did a poor job of searching the house and letting other people walk inside and outside of the house. After getting no calls from the kidnapper, they began to search the house again in which they saw the body of JonBenet.

Finding the body in their own home immediately put everyone’s suspicion on JonBenet’s family members.

Due to JonBenet’s popularity as a child beauty queen, this crime had received immense press attention. Although JonBenet’s family had been cleared off the case back in 2008, her killer is still unknown.

We love the baffling questions that keep us awake at night about unsolved crimes. How the suspect did it without anyone knowing? How can he do something so terrifying? Where is the suspect now? These are just some questions swirling in our heads whenever we encounter such crimes and with these famous unsolved crimes, it seems like the questions will remain to haunt us forever.

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