Top 5 Characteristics of a Good Boss

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Aside from providing a job and helping our employees get the money that they need for their everyday lives, you have to make sure that you are also a good boss in different aspects of leadership.

Being a boss, a manager or a director does not only give you the power to make your people do exactly what you want. It also gives you the responsibility to take care of the needs of the people who are working under you.

In order for you to know more about your responsibilities and your role, here are the different characteristics of a good boss:

1. He Has Compassion

This characteristic can be seen when a leader or a boss is someone who knows exactly when to deliberate and to fire an employee. Every person can commit mistakes not because they want the company to suffer but because they want to save themselves from losing something. As a boss, you should have the heart for your employees.

You should know how to listen and you should know exactly how to address their problems.

2. A Problem Solver

Of all the best qualities of a leader is a problem-solving skill. You need to solve the problem in the shortest period of time without feeling stressed, depressed, and disoriented.

This characteristic is only possible when the leader is someone who is strong and an optimist.

3. Holds Accountability to Himself

When something negative suddenly came up, the first thing that the leader has to do is to make sure that he is going to stand firm for his employees. He should be someone who does not blame his employees and just take responsibility instead.

Leadership requires checking the tasks that are given by the employees. With this, their mistakes are also your mistakes.

4. Empathetic

Being empathetic does not mean that he has to know all the things that the employees have about him or about the company.

Being empathetic means being able to feel objective.

When he gives a deadline for a task, he has to assess it in a way that it is not going to make the employees suffer for the rest of the period that he is going to give. He has to know whether or not the tasks that he is giving can be possibly done in the given period of time.

5. Good in Decision-Making

As the boss or the manager, your main task is to decide on the whole company. With this, a good boss is someone who can decide using the facts and the circumstances in favor of the growth of the company.

He has to be the type of person who can decide in a way where he can set aside his emotions and can think objectively when making big decisions.

Having these top five characteristics will help you become not only a good boss to the employees who are below you. These qualities can also help you earn more friends in the workplace.

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