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There are different professions in the world that you can choose from. There are those that are just created lately when the world of technology suddenly emerged and there are also those professions that were already part of the world even during the start of time. In this section, you will find the different professions that were already part of the early industry. These professions are the foundations of societies and these can never be pulled away no matter how many years pass by. These are very important professions because they are rooted deeply in society. In order for you to have more ideas about what is being discussed, here are the top 5 oldest professions that are still part of the world until this moment:

1. Tailoring or Dressmaking

Ever since the people in the world recognized the need for them to have dresses, tailors have evolved. This type of profession is something that is not only done in order to create something that can make people look better. The main reason why there are many tailors in the world is the fact that every person needs to have clothes to protect them from weather conditions. The growing number of people who are constantly looking for the best dress that fits them is one of the main reasons why there are still different tailors who are emerging up until now.

There are different weather conditions that are being experienced in different parts of the world. With this, the tailors have to continuously create dresses that are being worn according to the weather condition. As long as people live; there will always be tailors in the market.

2. Architecture and Building

Architects have always been part of the world when civilization started. Architecture is the art of creating buildings and different establishments that are essential in the existence of the people who are living in the world. A shelter is one of the most important needs of every person and family. With this, architects and builders have been working and growing in number up until today. As the number of families continues to grow, the architects that are needed in the world also continue to expand.

Architecture will never be faced out because this is a profession that will always be needed for as long as people live. Even with the use of technological advancements, you still need the human brain when it comes to designing and creating a perfect structure.

3. Accounting and Banking

Accounting is one of the oldest professions. This type of work came into existence because of the need for people to secure their properties. When civilization started, people felt the need to have access to a bank where they can place their money and income. This is the reason why people who are good at counting and banking immediately became part of the industry. At the beginning of civilization, people need bankers and accountants to make sure that the wealth of the rich class or the whole tribe is being monitored.

With the help of this type of profession, the leaders and the richest people before can easily keep track of the different developments when it comes to their money and property. Up until today, bankers and accountants are still needed because almost all people are now aware of the importance of banking.

4. Authors and Writers

One of the most important roles of writers during the start of civilization is the documentation of different events and happenings. When civilizations started, the kings and the leaders have thought about the importance of people who can work in order to help them document different agreements and pertinent information. Rich people are paying the authors of the different books and documents before. This profession started because of the need of the people to document or record the different things that are very important in human existence. When the system of educations started, there are different authors who created the different books that are essential in the process of learning. The need of the people to learn is what makes this profession alive even up to these days.

There are different writers who have been working for a very long time in order to help people learn the different news and updates in different aspects of our society. As long as there are people in the world, this type of profession will still live on.

5. Musicians

Music is one of the most important forms of art that has been a part of society even during the start of time. Different tribes before have their own musicians who are creating sounds with the use of ancient musical tools. The musicians are the ones who are always needed for entertainment even today. The importance of music is something that cannot be denied. With this, people who have the talent in music have been earning money just by helping people relax. This profession is considered to be a love job but this is still part of the oldest and the most famous because of the help that it can give for human existence.

Every event needs a group of musicians who are going to work in order to entertain people. As long as social gatherings are still part of human existence, this type of job will not be faced out from the list of professions.

There are other old professions that are still part of the world up until these days. Other jobs include farming, being a jeweler, a preacher or a priest, and being a doctor. These professions are needed because they are needed for the existence of the people. Being a doctor is one of the most essential professions because people need someone who can take care of them especially when they suddenly became sick. This type of profession will not be faced out or it can never leave the industry because no matter how good the technological advancements are, people will still need doctors.

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