Top 5 Notorious Assassins

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Many of the world’s leaders often meet with people who are against their leadership. Some resolve to assassinate to end their regime. While most fail to even get close to their intended victim, these assassins have made a point to murder their target no matter what the cost. These assassins have eliminated their equally famous targets and changed the course of history. Here are your top 5 notorious assassins.

1. Marcus Junius Brutus

Often referred to as Brutus, he was a politician in the late Roman Republic headed by Julius Caesar. He was best known as the leader in the plot to assassinate Julius Caesar. Many of the senators became weary and fearful of Caesar’s growing power. As a dictator for life, the Senate would be left without any power to control the government. This proved to be unacceptable for Brutus who was also an ally to Caesar. He then persuaded the Senate to plot a conspiracy against Caesar. The assassination was to take place during the Ides of March of that same year.

On that day, Caesar tried to attend the Senate but his wife Calpurnia Pisonis tried to convince him not to go but he adamantly went on his way. This delay threatened Brutus’ plot as it seemed like Caesar had an idea of what was about to happen. But, to their surprise, Caesar appeared in the Senate halls and they were able to attack him.

The first attack was blocked by Caesar himself but when he discovered that his friend, Brutus was amongst the conspirators, he covered his face with his toga and accepted his fate. He even mentioned the words, “Et tu, Brute?” which roughly translated to ” You too, Brutus?” Words that will forever linger as Caesar succumb to his attackers.

2. Jan Kubis

Jan Kubis is one of the many paratroopers that were tasked to assassinate one of the most vile men in history – Reinhard Heydrich. Reinhard Heydrich is one of the topmost officials under Adolf Hitler during World War II. He would perform experiments and subject prisoners to different forms of torture. Jan Kubis was one of the many Czech who was able to leave their country before the invasion of the German Army. He and his friend Jozef Gabcik vowed revenge on the man who brutally murdered most of his countrymen. The Czech people even named Heydrich the Butcher of Prague and the Hangman.

Heydrich was very successful in his onslaught against the Czech people that Hitler even marked him as one of his successors. But, that was not the case. On May 27, 1942, Heydrich went on his daily commute to Prague Castle when a team of paratroopers was able to stop him from reaching his destination. Gabcik tried to open fire but his gun was jammed. Kubis stepped in and threw an anti-tank grenade that sent shrapnel into Heydrich’s body.

He was unaware of the injuries first and was able to survive the assassination. He later discovered the injuries and succumbed to his death on the morning of June 4, 1942. On June 18 of that same year, Kubis and his team were found and fought their way but lost their lives as the battle raged on. Some committed suicide to avoid being captured.

3. Gavrilo Princip

Gavrilo Princip would be the sole reason why there was ever the First World War. Princip was born in a remote village within the Ottoman Empire. He was also the sole assassin of one of the most powerful men in history – Archduke Franz Ferdinand. On June 28, 1914, Princip participated in the assassination of the Archduke in Sarajevo. The archduke would visit the opening of a hospital and found that it would be too dangerous knowing that his uncle was also a victim of an assassination attempt not long ago. It was when General Potiorek failed to inform the driver that they were to head straight to the hospital that the life of the Archduke took a drastic turn.

The driver took a turn into Franz Josef street where Princip was waiting for them. The car tried to head back to the main street and get back on their route when Princip took this as an opportunity to strike. He took his pistol and open fire at the couple.

Franz was hit in the neck and in an effort to save her husband, Sophie’s body blocked the next shot that killed her instead. Both died before eleven. The archduke never made it to the hospital. He also tried to convince his wife to live for the sake of their child. Princip was later captured and vowed that he only wanted his country to be free from Austria.

4. Judith of Bethulia

Judith was a widow who became one of the most famous female assassins. The Assyrian military was besieging the city-state of Bethulia and many feared that it won’t be long before the military was able to force themselves into the city.

So, Judith took initiative and went undercover as a harem girl for the leader of the military. She got the leader drunk and then beheaded him. The act itself instantly dispersed the Assyrian military knowing that they have no leader to follow. Judith was then called a heroine in their city.

5. Charlotte Corday

Corday was known as the Angel Of Assassinations. In Revolutionary France, Jean-Paul Murat was its vile leader but a serious skin condition forced him to work in a bathtub as it is the only way he was able to force his condition in submission. It was also the only way that any assassin who wants to kill the leader to get close to him.

This is where Corday stepped in and owned the French leader. Corday tricked Murat by giving him false names of traitors. While he was writing them in his bathtub, Corday struck a knife in Murat’s chest and killed him. Unfortunately, four days after the assassination, the femme fatale lost her head under the guillotine.

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