Top 5 Study Tips Every Working Mom should Know

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Being a mom is difficult. But it is even more difficult when you have to balance both career and family life. As a working mom, you have to deal with stress and pressure at work and even when you get home, you still have to oversee how your child is doing at school.

Part of being a mother is to get involved in every child’s development and learning, especially when the child starts going to school. You have to make sure that you are there every step of the way and properly guiding and teaching your child with everyday lessons. Here are 5 study tips you can use that will help make learning fun and less stressful for you and your kid.

1. Motivate Your Child 

As a parent, you want your child to excel in school. You are willing to do everything just to keep them focused. That’s why it is very important to motivate your child to do well. Instill the importance of education and give them rewards whenever they did well in school.

If they get a lower grade, don’t shout or get mad at them rather, encourage them to do better next time.

2. Educate Yourself

Not because you are the parent, it means that you know everything. Schools give out subject outlines at the start of the school year to facilitate the learning process and establish the schedule of its students.

Treat it as an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the lessons. Do some advanced reading or research on the topic. It will also save some time because you don’t have to read about the subject matter during study time itself.

3. Be Creative

There’s a reason why children’s books are colorful – it attracts the kids to help them read. Don’t just stick to the usual question and answer when it comes to teaching your child. Make some learning materials that will capture the attention of your child. Use their favorite toys or discuss the lessons as if you are just telling a story.

You can even relate everyday activities to your child’s lessons so that your child has a better understanding of the lesson and how the school can be related to everyday life.

4. Don’t Be Too Strict

There should always be a balance between work and play. As much as possible, allow your child to have some playtime first before s/he starts to study to enable him/her to relax.

Pressuring your child too much or not allowing them to take a break-even for a few minutes will even make the child hate school and doing homework. Like adults, kids get tired too.

5. Establish a Study Schedule

Allocate a common time between you and your child. Make sure that it is also in sync with the schedule of the rest of the members of the family to avoid distractions.

Allow both of you to rest first, say an hour before dinner time, before checking on your child’s homework and lessons. Work on something where the two of you can work well and more productively.

Prioritizing their children is still on top of their list that is why most working mothers still make it a point to check on how their child is doing in school. More so, they opt to teach their own child with its lessons and even make time to prepare sample tests to make sure that their child understood the lesson. While this may be a difficult task, there are several ways that can help working moms in teaching their child that will make it less stressful and more exciting. Through this, mothers will be able to facilitate the child’s academic performance while minimizing stress.

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