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Have you ever tried hitting on someone very attractive you’ve seen walking down the streets, the malls, or school grounds maybe? We are easily drawn into what attracts us and as much as possible we try to approach them and get them while as soon as we can. We try so hard to strike a meaningful conversation that could probably lead to a good relationship sooner or later.

Here are the top 5 tips on a great conversation starter, most commonly known as the pickup lines.

1. Introduce Yourself in a Very Friendly Manner

Now it may sound a bit too common, a bit too boring, but, believe it or not, introducing yourself immediately is a very effective way to start a conversation. This way, you are showing off some character in you, good manners, and of course friendliness. Just simply say hi and introduce yourself.

No, avoid exposing yourself too much to that person you are attracted to because they will either like you or not so its better to keep it plain, casual, and simple.

2. Buy Her a Drink

Taking even just a few minutes of someone else’s time, you might as well offer and buy them something to drink.

A drink is the most common and maybe the most acceptable offer you can ever give to someone you are attracted to.

Most people are very much into free stuff and will instantly accept that you will buy them a drink. It is also a way of proving yourself either a gentleman or a really cool guy.

3Sweet Complimentary Words

Now, this is most definitely effective if you are a  guy picking up a girl. Most women are very happy and flattered when someone calls them pretty or just simply complements anything about them.

Try to think of a way to call a woman pretty, don’t stick to the usual set of words, be creative.

4. Be Honest in a Very Sleazy Way

Look smart, be witty. Sometimes, being good with words truly is a good thing especially when picking up someone attractive to your eyes. Remember, words are powerful; you could do anything and everything with them and pretty much use them as you please.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match words to create a very sneaky yet attractive and catchy phrase.

5. Say Something that Would Make them Laugh

Most people are attracted to people who have a great sense of humor, who can easily put a smile on their faces and make them feel comfortable and really cheerful. And so, without a doubt, humor can win over their hearts.

If you think you are funny, then go on and be yourself, if not, why not try simple yet catchy jokes for starters. It will forever leave a lasting impression on them.

Now, remember, to actually be able to tell you like someone you must first like yourself. Be confident with who you are and you’ll be fine for sure. After this, you try to gather enough courage to make the first move.

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