Top 5 Ideas to Spice Up Your Marriage

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It used to be just the two of you. Everything else was perfect and you only have each other to deal with. Until you had kids and your family grew bigger. Now, it’s all about your children and their needs. Although it doesn’t sound so good, you start neglecting your responsibilities to your spouse because you’re too focused on your children.

While your kids maybe your main priority, you should not forget that you are married to one person alone, and that is your partner. There’s nothing wrong with bringing back the romance since your world is not all about your children. Here are 5 ideas that you can use to bring the sexy back in your marriage.

1. Have a Date Night

Set aside at least once a week in your calendar and make it a date night. Avoid the usual dinner-movie date and think of something fun and new, something you haven’t done before as a couple.

For example, you can go to a carnival or amusement park or go clubbing for a change. Just make sure you set aside a particular day where you can spend time together as a couple.

2. Do Something Fun at Home

If you have younger kids that you can’t leave, then the date at home is your best choice. You don’t have to go out to show your appreciation to your spouse.

There are tons of ideas you can do at home such as cooking a five-course meal, having your own picnic at your backyard or even inside the house, having a movie marathon, playing board games with a twist, the list is endless.

3. Surprise Each Other

Why wait for anniversaries or birthdays before you give a gift to your spouse? Surprise her and give her a simple token of appreciation even if there is no occasion. Leave a trail of rose petals, write her a love letter, organize a treasure hunt that will lead her to a big surprise, show up in his office, and ask him out for lunch. You can even pick her up and you two will just drive somewhere without knowing where to go.

Just do something that is unexpected that has not become a part of our everyday routine as a couple.

4. Add a Twist to Your Usual Routine

Routines can be boring especially when you’re living together for quite some time already. Put some romance into those routines. For instance, give her a kiss when she wakes up in the morning or add a note when you give him his morning coffee. Take a shower together or cuddle and give her a massage before going to bed. You can even tell stories about how your day went before you sleep and when you do, make sure you’re holding her hand.

A simple gesture, when added to ordinary can already make wonders.

5. Get Intimate

Most couples rarely find time to get intimate with each other due to stress or tiredness from work. Don’t let that happen. One factor in making your marriage successful is by having sex with your partner. Make a schedule on when to do it and make sure that you’ll prepare for that night by setting a romantic atmosphere.

Plan a candlelit dinner at home, play a strip game using board games, or give each other massage. The important thing is that you’ll be able to get intimate after.

Having kids does not mean you have to neglect your obligations to each other as husband and wife. You should always remember apart from being a parent, you are also a partner to your spouse so make sure you still spend time together and make time for each other.

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