Top 5 Date-at-Home Ideas

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Couples should always find time to rekindle their relationship and keep it going. Date night should not be limited to going out and watching movies. In fact, there are various ways where you can have your date night even in the comfort of your home. So while the kids are asleep or are already in their respective rooms, these ideas are a sure way to spice up your marriage.

1. Cook Dinner Together

This may be common but so what? Cooking together is a good way for you and your spouse to bond. Besides, nothing beats home-cooked meals since it’s safer and healthier. But add a twist to it. Instead of the usual meal, why not prepare a meal that is complete from appetizer to dessert.

Try out new recipes and experiment on your culinary skills. Then decorate your dining table as if you are in a fancy restaurant, with flowers, wine, and candles to complete the scene.

2. Choose a Theme

Another pleaser, theme nights are also a wonderful idea that you can do at home. For example, make it a Mexican night where everything you’ll do is Mexican-related – the food you’ll eat, what movie to watch, or even your outfit for that night.

You can also try decades, Italian, Asian, cartoon characters, or anything that interests you both. And choose a different theme night every week.

3. Picnic at Home

If you have a backyard, then this is a good idea to do on your date night. However, picnics can be done even if you’re inside the house. Lay down a blanket, fill in a picnic basket full of goodies and finger foods, and cap it off with a bottle of wine and cheese.

Feed each other and just recall those early days together or how you were as a couple the previous year.

4. Movie Marathon

Going out on a movie date shouldn’t be confined to watching movies on the big screen. Rent DVDs of all your all-time favorite movies and have a movie marathon all night. You can even watch the first movie you’ve seen together.

Just don’t forget that popcorn or make a homemade pizza or bake your own cookies so you have something to munch on. And close the lights to set the mood.

5. Make it Everything About You Two

Date nights are a good way to spend some time with your partner. While there may be a lot of ideas on how to go about it, the important thing is to do something that will interest you both as a couple. Do something that you both find fun and exciting, like playing board games with a twist, watching television, or just simply lying down, reminiscing about how you’ve been through the years as a couple.

Always allow some time for it and make the necessary preparations in order to keep it special and memorable without spending too much.

Part of being a married couple is to make sure that you always make time for each other and keep the relationship going and healthy. But once you have kids, all your attention suddenly shifts to them, making sure that all their needs are attended to. While your kids maybe your top priority, you should not forget that you are married to your spouse, not to your kids, and s/he needs some attention too. That is why as much as possible, take some time off as a couple, go out on a date even once a month and address your needs.

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