Top 5 Snacks When Watching TV

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There’s nothing more comfortable to do than sit on a couch and watch some good television. It can be a bit more comfortable when you’re lying down on a bed but it would be a bit difficult to eat when you’re lying down. You can eat a couple of snacks while watching television which can give a good experience. It kind of gives the person a home feel of what one usually does in a movie theater. There are a lot of items that can be ideal for eating when watching television. There are even some people that eat their meals in front of the television. That’s where the name of the TV dinner comes from because a lot of people eat their dinner in front of the television back in the early days. With all the snacks and food all over the world, there are some and only a couple of items that are suited for the job.

1. Chocolate

Chocolates are just good for dating purposes or Valentine’s Day but they’re also good for eating in front of the tube. There are a lot of chocolate types ranging from the regular dairy, white or dark chocolates. They also come in different shapes, sizes and forms. The bite size chocolates are good for sharing and passing around if you’re a group of people watching television. If you’re alone, then you can also enjoy eating a whole chocolate bar all by yourself.  

Then for those who prefer to add some carbs in the mix then they can use some chocolate spreads and mix it with some bread and cream. Chocolate has also been proven to be healthy and good for the body. This means you don’t have to worry about getting any disease with too much chocolate.

2. Potato Chips

The classic potato chip is one of the best partners with the television. They can be easily bought at the mall or at your local convenience store. They’re also affordable and very light to the stomach. You can eat as much as you want until you can’t eat anymore. The good thing is that chips make a good after-meal treat. Potato chips can also be easily made at home. You need a little bit of effort though since you need to peel, slice then cook the chips. Chips can also come in various flavors aside from the plain salted.

Chips are also good for sharing around. The only downside of potato chips is that they tend to be a bit noisy when you bite into them. This would be a bit inconvenient if you’re watching a serious show where you need to listen to the dialogue. Then again if it’s all action and explosions then eat all the chips that you want.

3. Ice Cream

It’s a running joke about how women who are depressed from love problems tend to drown themselves watching TV while eating a gallon of ice cream.  Joking aside, ice cream is a good partner when watching television shows. One of the good things is that ice creams can come in various flavors.

Then you could also mix and match flavors for more diversities. You can also place toppings like marshmallows, chocolate chips, and others. If you want to go classic then you can use a cone along with the ice cream. Ice cream would be hard to share though.

4. Popcorn

The popcorn gives you that movie theater feels at the comfort of your home. Then have a giant slushy drink on the side then you’re just like in the movies. Popcorn can be bought cooked or pre-cooked depending on your preferences. Pre-cooked popcorn can either be prepared via a pot and some fire. Then there are the modern ones that can be easily prepared through a simple microwave.

Unlike potato chips or any other kind of junk food, popcorn tends to be a bit quiet when being eaten. It can sometimes just melt in your mouth. Popcorn is also good and easy to share around with friends and family. You can also add some flavoring to it like cheese powders or sauces for more flavor profiles.

5. Pizza

The pizza is indeed a perfect snack for a television session. Whenever its sports season and people gather around the tube, the pizza plays a dominant role in that. Pizza has a lot of different ingredients that can cater to the various tastes of people. It’s also a good food item that sparks up excitement and happiness in everyone around. The pizza is delicious and good when it’s warm and it’s good to share around.

Pizza is also very versatile as it can be big or small depending on the number of people who are going to eat it. Pizza also goes well paired with drinks and the drinks can be different depending on the people eating them. Kids prefer them with shakes, teens prefer them with sodas and adults prefer beer to pair it with them.

Whenever you decide to eat a snack in front of the television it would still boil down to your personal preferences. Considering the fact that different people have different tastes and not to mention the accessibility and convenience of getting that snack item.

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