Top 5 Most Favorite Disney Characters

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Childhood is always the best part because this is the phase when you can enjoy the sweetness of life. When you were a child, you used to believe that fantasy exists and you are not yet well versed about the reality of life. The child’s mind is the storage of fantasy, joy, and adventure.

Disney has been a part of every childhood experience. The different Disney characters served as companions to every child whose mind is still starting to develop. Now, every one of us has his or her own favorite Disney character. In this section, you will find the top 5 favorite Disney characters that a lot of children and adults really love to watch.

Here are the five most favorite Disney characters:

1. Mickey Mouse

Every child who was able to watch Mickey Mouse when they were a child surely remembers how this character dances and sings just the way a child wants. Mickey Mouse is a very famous Disney character. He is one of the most loved stuffed toys. The portrayal of his ability to sing, dance, and think of his friends is one of the main reasons why a lot of children love him. He is a funny character and he is considered as the official Mascot of Walt Disney.

Of all the different characters, he is one of the legendary ones because he was created way back in 1928. You would see him in his typical red shorts and, white gloves, and yellow shoes that are larger than the usual. From the time that he was created by the founder of Walt Disney, he has been one of the best characters that never left the TV screen.

2. Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh is one of the Disney characters that can create a nostalgic mindset for people who were born in the ’90s. This yellow character that constantly craves for honey is one of the most favorite characters not only because of his fluffy and soft look but also the characteristics that are perfect for every child. Winnie the Pooh is also called Pooh Bear and he is a fictional character that was created by A. A. Milne. He is the main character in the different books that Milne has written. One of the most famous books that were created was The Pooh Corner. Winnie the Pooh was the best friend of Christopher Robin.

According to the creator of this fictional character, Pooh was created basing on the stuffed bear that was owned by his son. And apparently, Christopher Robin is a character that was created basing on his son. Walt Disney adapted this character and it was then destined to be one of the biggest fictional names that were brought to the world of children.

3. Tinker Bell

For some people, they misspell this fairy name as Tinkerbell. This little creature is one of the most favorite Disney characters not only because of her tiny and adorable figure but also because she is one of the main characters of the famous Peter Pan movie. Tinker Bell is a little fairy that speaks a unique language where bells are ringing. This is the language that only those who understand fairies would comprehend. Tinker Bell is a very lovable character that was able to make it to the top spot. Now, you do not only see her as a character of Peter Pan. This little creature is also a major character in her very own movies now. In the movie Peter Pan, Tinker Bell is showing different characteristics that are sometimes not that easy to understand. In some instances, she is jealous, spoiled, and ill tempered.

But there are different times when she is very helpful to her friends like Peter Pan. This extreme personality that is being shown by Tinker Bell is not really something that can be seen as negative. One of the characteristics of Tinker Bell as a fairy is her inability to fly when it is raining. And in order for them to fly in the air, they are using pixie dust.

4. Cinderella

Cinderella is one of the most famous and most favorite Disney characters because of her beauty and the character that she is portraying. Her story is one of the most famous fairytale stories of all time. You would not see a child who is not really familiar with Cinderella and her glass slippers. Cinderella is an orphan who lives with her stepmother and two stepsisters. With the help of the magical glass slipper and her fairy godmother, she was able to change her difficult life into something that is more magical and happier.

Her story that is all about the presence of a happily ever after is one of the inspirations of most daughters. Cinderella is a picture of humility and hope. With her famous story, a lot of young women were able to determine that there is still hope even when they are suffering from a difficult situation.

5. Snow White

Snow White is another fictional character that was able to get through the difficult situation in her life with the help of her dwarf friends. She is famous because of her physical characteristics that are almost perfect. She is portrayed as a woman with skin that is as white as snow and lips as red as an apple. With the death of her mother, the queen, she suffered from the wrath of her evil stepmother who is a witch.

She has to do everything that she can in order to make sure that she will be able to regain what was lost. Her pure intentions and her beauty inside and out are the different characteristics that made this character one of the most favorite among all the Disney characters.

One of the best ways for you to enjoy your childhood is to live with the characters that are revolving in the world of fantasy. With these different characters and the others that are always being shown in different Disney movies, you will be able to understand the importance of hope and beauty.

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